Medium Size Haircuts

Medium-length haircuts have the power to give you an air of sophistication instantly, yet remain accessible and appropriate for everyday life. Before visiting a barber, familiarize yourself with industry terms so that you can clearly communicate what you are seeking.

Feathered layers

Feathered layers add movement and texture to straight strands, while long bobs featuring side-swept bangs evoke girl-next-door charm. Messier cuts can also be easily managed using medium haircuts with taper fades.

Blowout Bob

The bob haircut stands the test of time as one of the few timeless beauty trends, remaining popular season after season. Highly adaptable and customizable to any hair texture type. Enhance the timeless elegance of a bob with curly bangs or side-swept face-framing strands, featuring softly textured strands for minimal styling and adding movement to a sleek look. Kourtney Kardashian has long worn a sleek raven-colored box bob, but recently, she showcased a dramatic 90s blowout that gave it new life.

Straight Bob

Straight bob haircuts are ideal for anyone seeking to shed extra weight while maintaining an elegant appearance. Ask your stylist to create this chic style by blow-drying with a flat iron and applying hair serum for optimal results. Brunette beauties who stay true to their natural colors can show off their locks with this chic, stacked bob cut. A few milk chocolate and honey brown highlights add depth and dimension.

Razored Shag

If you aren’t quite ready for a full shag (which is perfectly okay!), adding modern elements like a full fringe or razor-cut face frame to your medium-length haircut could still look chic and current. Get into the spirit of ’70s style with long feathered bangs and shoulder-grazing locks, enhanced with ash blonde roots and lighter blonde tips to balance thicker strands. This gorgeous layered shag looks great curled up or worn straight; easy care is required for its wear-and-go style. Copper highlights add depth and dimension to this timeless classic style, while the longer center-parted fringe adds dimension and interest.

Long Bob

Long bobs are an elegant style that flatter women of all ages. The front pieces skim over the collarbone to help slim the face, and it looks incredibly chic when done in blonde hues with highlights. Add texture to a long bob to give it added volume and dimension. A lightweight texturizing spray is an effective way of adding thickness to fine hair. This layered bob with balayage features a stunning gradient from dark roots to honey-blonde highlights, complete with flirty side bangs for an irresistibly youthful vibe.


A lob is an ideal style choice for women looking to experiment with bangs but are still deciding whether to commit fully. Additionally, this versatile cut complements all face shapes and can suit women of all ages. Low maintenance styles like this look offer sophisticated style without too much upkeep; style it straight or smooth for an elegant aesthetic, or go wavy for more of a relaxed aesthetic. For fine-haired individuals who wish to achieve this style with added balayage highlights for an airy finish.

Side-Swept Layers

Medium-layered haircuts get an edge with long side-swept bangs for added definition and volume in their locks. This look works best on dark, thick hair. This gorgeous model’s hair has been styled into layers up to her forehead and then swept back and down towards one side for a narrowing effect. Her eyebrows stand out beautifully against this romantically curled style!

Side-Swept Waves

Side-swept waves are an exciting big-day beauty trend that adds Old Hollywood glimmer and romance to your look: this style looks fantastic on medium to long hair lengths! Choose structured vintage or looser beachy waves; side-swept waves make an elegant statement. Ask your stylist to create lush side-swept curls in your shoulder-length blonde hair, combining it with face-framing layers and a deep side part to achieve an elegant look for an upcoming special event.

Front Framing Layers

Layers have long been integral to modern haircut trends, providing movement and volume to thin locks while softening their face shape. Layered styles work well on most face shapes and can even be tailored to accentuate eyes or cheekbones. Face framing layers draw attention to your best facial features by framing them. They work well with all lengths and styles of hair, including updos.

Tomboy Shag

Tomboy shags are an effective way to show your bold side and can be worn in various styles, from wavy pixie cuts to short feathered mullets. Texturize this textured shag for an eye-catching, unique style. Featuring long face-framing tendrils that fall below the chin and copper-toned highlights, it will leave a strikingly different impression! This style is a must for women who want to showcase their feminine side and rebellious flair in equal measures. Additionally, its long face-framing layers will draw focus to your striking eyes and show them off beautifully.