How to Style a Medium-Long Men’s Haircut

Men with medium hair have many styling options at their disposal, including:

The Comb-Over:

– Ideal for a polished appearance

– Easy to style with pomade

– Works well with other medium haircut styles

– Comb over to find the preferred side part before styling

The Taper Fade Haircut with Long Top:

– Striking look

– Low-maintenance style

– Great for work environments

– Catches girls’ eyes

The Dreadlocks:

– Rope-like strands created through matting and braiding techniques

– Popular with Rastafarian culture and counterculture adherents

– May not suit everyone due to hygiene and cultural appropriation concerns

– Keep well-kept and use wax regularly

The Hard Part:

– Medium-length hair offers many opportunities

– Taper fade haircut for versatility and sophistication

– Barbers trim sides and back short to create a fade

– Upscale, groomed appearance

The Pompadour Fade:

– Stylish and suitable for all hair textures

– Comb hair back and use texturizing clay or paste

– Works well with thick hair

– Elegant formal look when combined with beards

The Brow Flow:

– Messy, rugged texture for a carefree spirit

– Medium-length haircut with layers

– Use matte pomade or sea salt spray for a piecey texture

– Create the illusion of thicker locks and define the face and neckline

The Classic Quiff:

– Timeless and stylish

– Easy to maintain with regular trims and texturizing product use

– Side-swept quiff pairs well with skin fades and short to medium beards

– Versatile for casual and formal events