Medium length layered curly hair

If your hair has naturally curly locks, try layering to boost its volume. Layers create movement and shape in an effortless manner when combined with face-framing bangs for an easier styling experience. Women with medium shaggy curls can accentuate their layered hairdos with vibrant hair colors such as purple and jade to add definition and create more lively looks. These colors add meaning while making the wavy hairstyle appear even more dynamic.

This shoulder-length messy shag with bangs creates a playful and flirty style. It features layers that give texture and movement for an eye-catching style that frames the face perfectly. Cracks can be styled swept to one side or left freely on your forehead, depending on your mood or preference. Medium-hold gel or pomade can give your locks an effortless, messy look for casual daytime occasions or add definition and texture for evening events.

This eye-catching style features a naturally beautiful frame for the face with red-orange, messy medium waves, and wispy bangs. The vibrant orange hue adds definition and makes the wavy hairstyle appear even more dynamic. Easy to maintain and suitable for women of all ages, it is perfect for special events and work.

Try a deep side-parted layered cut if your dark curly locks need dimension and volume boosts. The layers will frame your face beautifully while creating an elegant shape. Use curling irons or diffusers to achieve soft, loose waves, or try Pureology Style Protect Lock It Down Hairspray as an anti-frizz solution and define curls further. This is an ideal style for older women with curly hair who wish to create a youthful appearance and mask the signs of aging skin.

An elegant shoulder-length layered curly hairstyle with bangs is the perfect way to bring out your natural springy curls. Layers give your locks volume that’s sure to draw everyone’s gaze.

Medium curly hair with bangs is undeniably one of the most stunning styles you can wear, especially for women with broad foreheads, as its front fringe hides it beautifully. Furthermore, this style exudes femininity and makes you appear younger. If you are still deciding whether to commit to whole boundaries, opt for straight side-swept bangs instead – they look especially great with medium-length curly locks as they frame your face beautifully while adding a sense of sophistication.

A vintage pyramid-shaped bob is an eye-catching style that emphasizes the smooth curves of your curls with tiny ringlets cascading down your forehead. This style highlights your cheekbones and jawline for an angular yet balanced appearance. Tame your curly locks with light hair cream for smoother locks and invest in high-quality styling gel to maintain its slicked-back finish for maximum attention-grabbing effect.