Great Styles For Medium Length Hairstyles Men

One of the most popular haircuts for men is the undercut, which is a combination of a medium-length Haircut on top with a buzzed cut on the sides and back. This haircut is similar to a Mohawk, although it is much more versatile. For example, you can wear your undercut up into a quiff or slick it back for a sophisticated boardroom look. The key to making this style work for you is to experiment with it and try different styles.

A side-swept comb-over is another great style for a man with an undercut. This look is easy to do and requires minimal styling product. To achieve the look, you can comb the Hair over to one side and apply styling gel to it. You can also use a blow dryer to add some extra volume and hold to the hairstyle.

A medium-length undercut is also great for guys with thick, coarse Hair. You can get a sharp-cut quiff to highlight the difference between your face and your hair, or you can opt for a tapered or gradual fade. This look can be flattering to all facial shapes and suits most hair types.

Another popular style for men with medium-length Hair is the fade. This hairstyle leaves more length on the top and sides and adds a matte finish. This look is great for a man with a thick head of Hair, but is also good for a man with thin hair. It gives you more freedom and flexibility to experiment with the cut and create the look you desire.

A messy undercut is another option. It looks like a messy pompadour, but with a long back and sides. This haircut creates the illusion of height and volume. It also requires a lot of confidence to pull off.

Slicked back

If you have medium length hair, you can try a slicked back style for a clean look. These Haircuts are great for colder weather and require minimal styling. The wavy taper slick back hairstyle has a textured look, and works well with men who have round faces. Curved combs can also add an illusion of a less rounded face.

The slick back haircut is the perfect choice for medium-length hair, as it gives hair a glossy finish. This style is also perfect for young men who possess charisma and charm. The hard part also adds softness. Whether you have a round or square face, this style will suit you perfectly.

To get a great slicked back look, you must have the right tools. Having a quality comb is essential. The right comb will make or break the look, so choose the one that suits your face shape and hair texture. You should also make sure that you use a water-based pomade as these are easy to remove. You can use Layrite, Suavecito, or other water-based pomades.

When applying a styling product, be sure to make your hair damp. Then, begin at your forehead and work your way back to your nape. For a neat, professional finish, use a comb. You can also use hairspray to hold the style in place.

Slicked back hairstyles are among the most popular hairstyles for men. These styles can be short or medium in length. However, it’s important to make sure that the hairstyle you choose has adequate length.


Men who want to look more sophisticated can opt for a combover medium length hairstyle. This style features a long top and medium sides, which looks excellent with a beard. The style creates a defined flow of hair and adds a touch of elegance to the wearer. It is also an ideal choice for businessmen.

These medium length men’s hairstyles are popular among Hollywood stars. The combinationver style is one of the classic men’s hairstyles. It elongates the face and is associated with a clean and neat image. It works well for both short and long locks. Men with afro hair can opt for a combover medium length hairstyle because the hair is naturally curly.

Guys with thick and thin hair can opt for medium length hairstyles. They can also go for a messy look that involves using a light product. A light spray can be applied to the hair to give it a rough look. In addition, this hairstyle works well with beards.

Combover medium length hairstyles for a man can be easily updated with a hard part, disconnected texture, or sharp shaved line. The only disadvantage of this type of hairstyle is that it doesn’t withstand high humidity or strong wind. But it can be easily maintained if a strong-hold hair product is used. Men with medium length hair can also go for cool spikes on the crown. A perfectly faded skin fade is another way to make this hairstyle look more modern and fresh.

A classic pompadour is another men’s medium length hairstyle. It blends vintage and modern styles and requires several inches of hair. A good quality putty or pomade will help create the perfect combination with a dynamic color.

Bald fade

A mid fade haircut cleans up the neckline and leaves a small portion of hair above the temples. This haircut can be straight or curvy, and can range from a short shadow fade to a bald fade. Mid fade haircuts work well with a masculine look.

A medium fade is a stylish and versatile haircut. It has a fade on the sides and back, and a tapering at the top. It is smart enough to wear to the office, yet is also Friday-night-ready. This haircut is best suited for men with curly hair. While most men would kill for a head full of curls, a fade is a great way to embrace this texture without attempting to grow it out.

Another version of a bald fade is a disconnected hairstyle. This style is a twist on the popular undercut and medium fade. It is brushed back with your fingers, and a side part enhances its textured look. A hair clay is an excellent choice to add texture to this style, without compromising shine. Another classic style is the pomp. A bald fade adds a contemporary edge to this classic cut. You can make it more modern by adding layers or shaving part of your hair. You can even add a fringe to add movement.

If your hairline is too high, consider a pompadour. The extra height of this style will help deflect attention away from the thinning areas. A fade undercut also adds to the Mohawk effect, but with a lower hairline.