Mens Style 2 For Medium Length Hair

Men with medium-length hair can achieve an elegant and chic look with the timeless, classic comb-over style. Apply pomade to damp locks, comb them to one side, and comb forwards.

Afro hairstyles are popular among black men for their versatility, low maintenance, and eye-catching style. Consider taper fades for an outlined appearance. Detangle with a wide-toothed comb and afro pick, and moisturize regularly.

The classic surfer hairstyle is perfect for beachgoers and can be styled casually or formally. Use pomade and consider adding highlights for an authentic beach vibe. For thicker curled locks, leave them loose and unstructured.

The pompadour hairstyle adds volume to the top of your head and suits men with solid features. Ask your barber to add texture and pair it with a low to mid fade fade for a trendy look. Use pre-stylers and matte products for a windswept style.

The Bro Flow hairstyle, as seen on Dev Patel in Slumdog Millionaire, adds flair to chin-length locks. It works well on men with darker skin tones and suits casual events or business settings. Achieve the look by combing back and applying pomade.

The quiff is an attractive hairstyle for men with medium-length hair. It can be worn with a fade or taper for a classic appearance or with volume-rich cuts for a modern look. Use pomade or wax sparingly to achieve the textured quiff.

Locs offer flair and individuality to men’s style. Choose from classic dreadlocks, braided locs, or highlighted variations. Maintain them with cornrows or add patterned tramlines for an elevated look. Frame tightly coiled locs with line-ups, or opt for shoulder-length dreads with loose fringes.

Add color to locs with an ombre style for a unique look. Choose any hue and switch it out whenever desired for a different appearance.