Blue Anime hair – Men’s Style For Medium Length hair

Medium haircuts are gaining popularity due to their versatility. Men can easily sport them to work, on a date, and on special occasions. For a more casual look, you can use styling gel or mousse to re-create the fullness and movement. However, thick hair can be difficult to style, so if you’re not sure what kind of cut to go for, here are a few options that might work for you:

A great men’s style that works with medium length ┬áis the side-swept comb over. This style is casual and stylish. To create this look, you must use a comb and part it on one side. You can also use styling gel to recreate the fullness. To achieve this look, that should be straightened or shaved. If you have a side-swept combed over style, you can add a little styling cream to create a cute modern disconnection to the top.