medium length 4c hairstyles

If you have medium length hair, there are several different styles that you can try. Braids are a great option, as they can be worn down to the shoulder and look very stylish. You can also create a topknot and tie it up, if you want. This updo is easy to create, and it will give you beautiful, full curls that will last all day. For extra volume, try a twist out.

Short or medium length 4c styles are the preferred choice for 4C women. This type of cut should start with long curls and end above the shoulders. Part the hair down the middle with the top part falling to the forehead. Once the  is cut short, you can add a hair gel to make it look sleeker. You can even wear it down to the collarbone. To make it look elegant, tie it with a ponytail and let the curls frame your face.