How to Style a Medium Layer Haircut

A medium layer haircut is a great style for women who want to add some movement and color to their hair. It adds a touch of drama and lifts a dull style. If you are short on time, this type of style is the perfect choice for you. It is easy to manage, and it looks great regardless of your face shape. A layered bob is perfect for women who don’t like to spend a lot of time in the shower, but are still able to look elegant.

Medium Layer haircut – Boys hair Cut Pictures


A medium layer haircut is a great choice for any age group. This style looks great on both men and women and is very easy to maintain. You can choose between a layered bob or lob, which is ideal for fine hair. A layered bob is a perfect style for anyone who wants a stylish look without too much upkeep. If you are unsure of what cut you should go for, here are a few ideas.

Medium Layer haircut by Karen Hair Cut Design


The medium layer haircut is a timeless style that never goes out of style. This style looks chic when it’s pulled up into a ponytail, but playful when it’s free-flowing. A wavy lob is an excellent choice for medium layered hair. To make your style look natural, twist layers around a curling iron for a few seconds, then tuck them behind your ears. Then, add some bold color to that by adding a ponytail.