How to Style a Medium-Layer Haircut

Medium-layer haircuts bring new life to any hair type, face shape, or texture. They are easier to style thanks to texturizing products like spray-in texturizers.

Long Layers in Curly Hair

There are various styles for layering curly hair, so experiment until you find a look that brings out its natural beauty. Long layers starting at the chin provide more volume and definition, while face-framing layers create a sleek and sophisticated style. Layered cuts are also great options for those with thick, curly locks that are heavy and unruly. They conceal excess weight while enabling movement and keeping curls from puffing out into an unattractive triangular appearance. However, remember that layered haircuts may only suit some if your hair frizzes easily. To reduce frizz and add volume more efficiently, use a volumizing product for maximum curl definition on casual city outings.

Short Layers in Straight Hair

Layering gives the illusion of fuller and thicker locks by framing your face and slimming down your chin. This style looks effortlessly chic, whether it’s a pixie cut or bob with long side bangs or short ones. Add longer layers for an edgier and more dramatic aesthetic. Junior Estevam of @juniorestvamhair recommends using dry-cutting to achieve more precise and natural-looking results and prevent holes around the perimeter from appearing. He suggests this technique as it keeps each section from becoming too thin in any spot. It’s also essential to use high-quality scissors to ensure sharp and even cuts without frayed ends or frays.

Layers in Long Hair

Long hair layers can take many shapes and styles, from face-framing V shapes to blunt bangs, curtain bangs, or worn-in looks. Each form or fashion has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. For instance, sleek face-framing V shapes frame the face, blunt bangs add drama, while curtain bangs offer softened edges for an undone bohemian aesthetic. If you have thick hair, a medium-layer haircut may help eliminate some unfavorable bulk that becomes more apparent at specific lengths, especially around shoulder length. Discuss this option with your haircutting stylist so they can craft a cut explicitly tailored to highlight your best features while eliminating unnecessary weight. Layered hair makes an excellent canvas for colorful accents because it showcases natural texture and emphasizes uniformity. Consider using a balayage technique for sun-kissed hues or an ombre color effect for something bolder. Either choice will bring life and light-catching hues that draw attention to your face frame.

Layers in Short Hair

Layering can help short hair achieve more volume. But be careful not to cut too close to the scalp as that could leave thin and flat results. Ensure your locks are damp before layering, and use sharp scissors for precise and clean finishes. For an elegant and sophisticated appearance, ask your stylist to add feathered short layers on the crown of your head. This will add an extra dimension to your facial structure and hair color palette. Give your bob a more feminine edge with angled layers that frame your face and soften its structure. It’s a practical and straightforward way to make this versatile wearable for any event or special occasion, from formal events like prom and graduation parties to everyday casual wear like brunch and drinks with friends. Additionally, add depth with warm balayage highlights for added dimension. It looks stunning when paired with a side-swept fringe.