Medium Hairstyles For Women 2020

Medium hairstyles provide plenty of styling possibilities. You can experiment with lengths, layers, colors, and bangs – not to mention being more accessible to manage than shorter and longer styles!

Long Layers

Long layers are ideal for medium-length hair as they add movement and prevent it from looking like one mass of locks. Furthermore, you can frame your face with layered bangs to add dimension.

Wavy Hair

Wavy locks add much volume and texture to medium-length haircuts, lending a modern edge. From brushing out into an adorable messy braid to tucking it back behind the ears for an easy updo – wavy shoulder-length hair will flatter every face shape and frame those beautiful eyes perfectly.


Try twists if braids aren’t your style or you want a protective kind that still looks chic. Easy to keep tidy, they come in various types – for instance, gathering front sections into half-up twists like this woman can add eye-catching color and depth.


A lob haircut is an ideal way to explore short hair without making a total commitment. Perfect for all face shapes, this stylish yet relaxed cut can be customized by adding waves, curls, highlights, or curtain bangs as desired.


Medium hairstyles for women benefit significantly from adding highlights, as it adds depth and dimension. Highlights can range from subtle sun-kissed highlights to more dramatic features that make an impression statement. They’re easy to refresh a long bob without taking the full plunge with color changes.