Medium Hair Styles With Layers

Subtly Textured Layers

For medium hair, try subtly textured layers. They add volume and texture with a bit of extra weight being added on. Deliberately adding layers to a layered haircut is an effortless way to flatter virtually all facial structures, as it adds definition and creates feminine flair. Pair this look with a middle part for an attractive, modern style.

Face-Framing Layers

Face-framing layers are an iconic style that complements any haircut. They create a soft, youthful appearance with their soothing, bouncy effect while drawing focus to your eyes, creating more defined looks. Layers may be cut in various ways; most commonly, they start at your chin to lengthen out your face or at your cheekbones to define and add angles to the jawline. Face framing layers for medium hair are an effective way to add movement and dimension. Style them loosely for an oceanic aesthetic or straight for more refined and sophisticated styles. If you want to experiment with face-framing layers but don’t want a full haircut, ask your stylist for a side part that includes shorter layers – this way, you can quickly change up your look with just one change! Additionally, this solution works great for those with longer wavy locks who don’t wish to maintain bangs.

Long Layers

Long layers in medium-length hairstyles help create a balanced and soft appearance, whether choppy or smooth, that complements any hair color. The layered bob is one classic and timeless style available to women with this hair length; its timeless elegance compliments almost every facial structure and skin tone. Billie Piper wears this softly styled, simple layered bob with side-swept bangs. Her platinum blonde locks are beautifully lightened by layers that frame them – this style makes Billie Piper’s eyes shine brightly. Kaley Cuoco has stunning golden locks that make them the ideal candidate for a medium-layered hairstyle, complete with caramel highlights to add dimension and polish to her locks. Texturizing products or even having your stylist use razor cuts are all that’s necessary to recreate this look at home; alternatively, you could consider having them professionally done by an experienced stylist for an even more dramatic style!

Choppy Layers

The addition of choppy layers to medium-length hair is a fantastic way to give it strength and structure without creating too much thickness. In fact, this medium-layered haircut looks quite stunning when styled backward for an adorable and easy style that requires minimal upkeep. This beautiful blonde shoulder-length cut features layers that range in length from long past the shoulders to just past the cheeks, with shorter layers strategically positioned around the face for an attractive and flattering effect. Choppy layers create height and volume in your locks when done properly, giving them an overall voluminous appearance. This medium-layered haircut is the ideal way to show off ashy baby lights or trendy balayage highlights, as its layers reflect light easily from any color chosen – be it silvery hues like baby lights or daring copper tones! For an update with modern flair, try switching out copper tones for pink ones for an eye-catching style that’s sure to turn heads.

Swing Layers

A great stylist can give your hair an attractive layered look with swinging layers that add volume and movement, perfect for thicker locks that may feel heavy or creating flattering shapes for oval or round faces. Allow your stylist to add swinging layers throughout the length of your hair for a soft yet sexier style that still looks polished and put together. Pair this look with a deep side part and tousled curls for a romantic bohemian aesthetic. If you’re seeking an easy, medium hairstyle with layers, consider this angled lob that hits right at the chin. Perfect for heart-shaped faces and wearable in natural waves or with a sleek blowout, its irresistible layers, and light color gradient create an irresistibly effortless aesthetic that looks fantastic with or without face-framing layers for extra lift and to elongate your face shape.