Boys hair Cut Pictures – Medium Designs With Layers

The best way to achieve this style is to add a lot of layers. Blond and copper colored hair look great with this type of layered cut, but if that is too thin or oily, you might want to try something a little more dramatic. You can also go for a shag-style haircut if you have thin hair, as it is more versatile and flattering than straight, wavy locks.

If you have thick, layered hair, try a shag haircut with bangs. This classic style looks sophisticated and chic when it is pulled back in a ponytail. Medium layered hair looks playful when the waves are left untidy. To add some personality to your layered haircut, try a wavy lob. Make sure you use smoothing creme on your locks to create the look of a beachy beach babe.

Medium Designs With Layers


To create a medium layered style, the key is to play with the layers. If you have fine hair, delicate bobs and lobs will look best. If you have thicker hair, try a choppy layer style. Or if you have a wavy look, consider a beachy wave. It will add body and volume to that, but will not require blowouts or curling irons.