Top 5 Black Hairstyles For Medium Curly Hair

Effortless Natural Look

Try this straightforward hairstyle for medium-curly ha for an effortless, natural look. It accentuates your curls, adds definition and volume, and helps keep your locks healthy and prevent frizzing.

Middle-Parted Blonde Spirals

Style your shoulder-length hair with a middle part and small spiral curls for a cute, eye-catching look. The light blonde color adds extra fun and suits women of all ages.

Casual Waves with Middle Part

Switch up your short layered bob hairstyle by adding a middle part and creating waves with texture. This look features soft waves with subtle ripples for a captivating appearance.

Messy Medium Cut with Bangs

For an eye-catching hairstyle, try this trendsetting coif with long curtain bangs. The voluminous style accentuates your facial structure and is low maintenance, making it perfect for daily wear.

Sister Locks

Sister locks resemble dreadlocks but are smaller and lighter. They offer versatility across hair types and can be easily dyed for quick maintenance. Consult a professional to determine the best size and length for your desired goals.

Twisted Bun

Create an ultra-feminine aesthetic with this medium black hairstyle featuring gorgeous curls on a layered cut. The twisted bun is achieved by dividing the hair into two sections, tying one team in a knot, and wrapping the other layer around it.

Twisted Bob

Stand out with this fro-hawk hairstyle that is quick, easy, and versatile. It looks fantastic with any outfit and can be decorated with beads or ribbons for added charm. Perfect for medium-length hair and special events.