Sexy and Sexy Medium Curly Hairstyles 2020

1. Short Curls

Make an impactful statement with this curly hairstyle that will catch everyone’s attention. Layers create an easy-to-style shape while allowing ringlets to fall naturally into place. Use the detangling spray and curl-defining product to keep your locks hydrated, then complete your look with a face-framing side part and an unexpected pop of color.

2. Loose Curls

Loose curls are an elegant way to show off your natural hair texture without using styling products. Ask your stylist to leave some strands untainted in the middle for an alluring effect; add jumbo pins or hair clips as embellishments and complete your look! Boost the allure of loose curls with some color. Opting for dark brown hues creates an eye-catching contrast, or taper fades on both sides that line up along your hairline for an even more significant impact. If you have long curly hair, try framing your face elegantly with beautifully side-parted pigtails secured by an adorable flat-brim hat for an effortless casual vibe.

3. Shaved Curls

A shaved side and back gives your curls structure, definition, and a neat appearance. It is especially advantageous for men with curly hair as this style makes their coils the focal point of their kind. Pair this look with a long beard for an enhanced masculine style. Ringlets add texture and volume to a medium-curly hairstyle. Your curls will appear natural yet voluminous when enhanced with baby lights in blonde. Plus, this hue helps maintain an appealing glow for an ideal complexion! A solo artist, Harry Styles of One Direction, shows off his beautiful wavy locks with this deep side part. While his curls may be more defined than elsewhere, this style still feels youthful and sophisticated.

4. Long Curls

Long curly hair can make for an irresistibly feminine style, especially with an adorable side-swept fringe and subtle highlights for added dimension and visual interest. Try pairing it with lovely face-framing pieces, like an attractive side fringe, to frame your beautiful features beautifully! Keep your natural color or add subtle highlights for greater visual interest and appeal. A waterfall cut works for all curly hair lengths, including medium. It helps eliminate bulk while letting curls move freely; its shape looks flattering against an oval face. This style is ideal for anyone seeking an elegant yet dapper style. Easy to maintain, the sleek lines will keep your kinks looking fresh and bouncy while remaining effortless in appearance. Additionally, this look lends itself well to those seeking to experiment with more refined versions of grunge styles.

5. Pixie Curls

To create a natural-looking pixie cut for curly hair, ask your stylist to cut layers into it. This allows longer curls to fall around your face, framing it beautifully. For added volume, add some baby lights. Soften your beautiful medium-length curls with subtle blonde balayage for stunning, soft results. Your beautiful medium-length coils will have never looked prettier! Tapered bob haircuts can be particularly suitable for medium curly haircuts. A tapered bob is especially suited to curlier types with bouncy and textured curls; its volume-enhancing pixie will showcase its best qualities! HairGoals doesn’t mean giving up length; rather, it should mean celebrating texture while keeping it healthy, and this style provides the ideal way to do just that!