How to Style Marley Braiding Hair

Marley braiding hair can provide you with a stylish yet low maintenance style, as well as being an excellent way to experiment with color. Before beginning styling your Marley braids, wash and pat them dry thoroughly to remove any buildup of impurities and prepare the strands for styling – this will help prevent tangling and frizzing of the hair strands.

Bantu Knot-Out

Bantu knots have their origins deep within African culture and make an effective protective style suitable for any length hair. From full-ringlet look to more sleek styles, this one suits them all! To achieve the look, start with clean and moisturized locks. A light misting of Shine ‘N Jam or hairspray will help prevent fly aways while adding healthy-looking shine to the locks. Part your hair into square sections using a rat-tail comb and braid feed-in cornrows into each one. Leave this look in overnight to fully set and dry; when unwound you’ll reveal stunning coily textures!

Faux Hawk

Long hair makes the ideal canvas for exploring creative braided styles. For instance, you could plait one side into a full Dutch braid and pin it backwards onto your head for an impressive women’s faux hawk effect. Enhance this look even further with a skin fade – a more dramatic style that leaves neck hair shorter than other areas – by pairing it with this look and creating more contrast between styles. This will draw more focus to your style. Men can create a faux-hawk using pomade or molding clay to control their style and increase volume.

Pencil-Sized Braids

Pencil-sized braids, made famous by Janet Jackson in Poetic Justice, offer women looking for a protective hair style an appealing option. Perfect for short and long locks alike, pencil-sized braids come in various colors for an appealing finish. To create this look, start by Dutch braiding your hair down the center of your head in order to form a half-up ponytail. Next, flip each left section over onto its respective right section as you braid from side-to-side until reaching the ends and securing with a hair tie. This look can range in cost between $85 – $225 depending on your location and how much pre-stretched braiding hair you require to complete it.

Jumbo Twists

Large passion twists are an ideal choice for women looking to add texture to their locks. Wearable both updo or down, they look great on all lengths and can even be styled with accessories like string or cowrie shells for added detail. An elegant alternative for those with jumbo twists is to style their hair into a top knot, which can be worn to work or special events and finished off with flowers for added feminine charm. To keep jumbo twists looking their best, be sure to regularly moisturize them with shea butter or coconut oil and apply leave-in conditioner. It is also crucial that they are washed correctly so as to prevent matting and breakage of their locks.

Two-Tone Braids

Colorful braids can add vibrancy and excitement without going over the top. Add highlights for a subtler approach or go all-in with rainbow colors for maximum impact! Long goddess braids are an effective protective style to reduce breakage and grooming time for women of all ages and colors. At home, this look can be easily replicated using braiding hair in different colors and an over-under-over-under pattern to create your own unique style. Feel free to mix and match colors as desired for maximum impact!