Maluma haircut

Maluma Hairstyles For Men With Oval Faces: Maluma hairstyles are great for men with oval-shaped faces. This style works well with facial hair and can be styled using gel or pomade.

Spiky Side Part: This Mohawk variation is a striking style. Shave off the sides of your head while keeping longer lengths in the center to achieve this unique and edgy look. It adds volume to the top of the face and softens the jawline, making it perfect for formal events or casual get-togethers.

Spiky Front: Keep your hair shorter and achieve a classic spiky look. This style brings balance to oval faces and exudes class and sophistication. It’s ideal for expressing your style and can be worn confidently to any special event.

Spiky Back: This style looks fantastic whether you have a fade or crew cut. It gives the appearance of thick hair and is easy to maintain, making it suitable for oval-face shapes. Perfect for showcasing your unique style at special events or celebrations.

Brush-Up Style: Maluma, a Colombian singer and actor, is known for his impeccable fashion sense. He regularly changes up his look with stunning yet easy-to-replicate hairstyles. In 2018, he had long blond locks, often worn loose or in a ponytail. Recently, he cut his locks for World Cancer Day, allowing children to help him.

Dyed Hair: Try the dyed look if you want a standout hairstyle. This bold style comes in various colors, suitable for every personality and skin tone. Maluma’s blonde tousled crew cut is easy to maintain and versatile, allowing different types and transformations.

Mohawk: Colombian star Ivan Del Toro’s Mohawk is a standout style that adds flair. With minimal side hair and a gradual taper fade, this haircut can be worn differently, such as with an undercut blend, bleached sides, skin fade sides, or left natural. It’s perfect for men looking for a military-inspired style and can be dyed in various colors for an edgy effect.