Men’s Perm Hair Is Not Damaged If Done Correctly

Perms are hair treatments that make your hair curlier or wavier, but men’s perms are not harmful when done correctly. The process involves washing and preparing the hair, wrapping it around rods, applying a neutralizer, and finishing it.

Loose Curls

This perm style is a good option for men who want a more relaxed, wavy look. It adds volume and shape to the hair and can be paired with fades for a clean appearance. This perm suits all face shapes, highlights thick hair, and can help hide thinning hair.

Man Bun

Men with perms can also rock a trendy man bun hairstyle. Loose, beach-inspired waves create volume, and the bun can be combined with shaved sides and fades for a rugged look. This style is popular among Asian male celebrities and can be seen on TikTok. Neatly tied man buns with tighter coils are attractive and can be enhanced with a fade haircut.

Push Back

Perms are increasingly popular among young men and can make thin hair appear fuller when done correctly. Professional stylists should use quality products and techniques. Pushing back the hair is a polished way to style perms, showcasing the new texture and accentuating facial features.

Loose Waves

Perms are not limited to women; men can benefit from different curl patterns. A comb-over perm is ideal for men with short to medium-length hair, showcasing the curls without overshadowing side partings. For longer hair, loose beach waves create a vintage-inspired look. Using suitable products and avoiding heat styling helps maintain this new look, with re-perming recommended every four months for best results.