Popular Male hair Cuts

Men have various options when it comes to styling their hair. Multiple styles can help them look their best, ranging from side partings to crew cuts.

Fade with Short Fringe

A fade with a short fringe is an eye-catching look that will exude confidence. Perfect for all hair textures and face shapes.

Side Part

A side part is a style that creates a clear separation of your hair. This look works best on men with thick locks; gel or wax can help slick back the locks for added control. There are different variations of this look, too; hard parting shows off an obvious scalp line, while soft parts create volume without clearly defined scalp lines. This timeless look is ideal for any special event or casual gathering, pairing well with faded side parts and undercuts for maximum style points. Its side part styling also helps those with rounder or more oval faces slim down jawlines and cheekbones for a slimming effect.


Men with short hair can sport many stylish looks, but undoubtedly, the undercut is one of the most iconic. This low-maintenance haircut combines a fade with an undivided line through the top of the head for maximum impact – perfect for thick locks! To give an undercut a more natural appearance, have your barber cut a guide along your hairline before combing back the top of your head inward towards it to meet it – this will create a blended appearance. For an enhanced undercut effect, fade both sides and disconnect at the temple area for an even greater definition.

Crew Cut

The classic crew cut is an iconic hairstyle that never goes out of fashion. Suitable for most facial structures and available with multiple men’s grooming products, stylish gentlemen today have endless options when selecting their crew cut style, including fades on either side and texture variants on top. A team cut with a high skin fade is ideal for men looking to add flair and character to their style. This type of hairdo works well with various products, including oil-based pomades and matte finish products; furthermore, it makes an ideal style choice for busy professionals.

Cropped Textured

Men with wavy hair can create an eye-catching and stylish look using this textured crop technique. This haircut has faded or taper on the back and sides with longer fringe on top; styling requires only pomade or hair styling product and an easy styling session! Additionally, this haircut can hide thinning areas of the hairline, making it suitable for men suffering from receding hairlines. A high fade is ideal for this style, as it draws attention to longer top hair. This haircut works best on men with medium to thick locks, can be worn with either a side or middle parting, and looks particularly impressive with an unconnected undercut.

Ivy League Haircut

The Ivy League haircut, commonly known as a Harvard clip or Princeton style haircut for men, is an excellent way to appear intelligent and sophisticated. Combining elements from crew cuts and side parts into one style makes an impressive statement while remaining practical and accessible. It is ideal for those with solid cheekbones or prominent jawlines. This haircut requires minimal upkeep; just a casual application of styling wax should be done to maintain it. Additionally, it makes an excellent solution for men with receding hairlines as it will minimize their appearance. Traditionally side-swept but can also be styled into a quiff or pompadour style, the Ivy League haircut makes a bold statement!

Ragged Fringe

Feathered bangs can help enhance one’s image in various ways. Feathered bangs can hide an imperfect hairline or wrinkles and correct facial disproportions. Feathered bangs have become fashionable among younger people as a creative and unique way of showing one’s personality. This style looks particularly striking on long strands that are light in tone. It is distinguished by a stepped transition from crown to tips and worn with or without bangs. Another exciting option is a ladder haircut, which features a classic cascade with a torn effect for volume or smooth finish options.