Men’s Fade Hairstyles

Men’s fade hairstyles are an effective way to add structure and neatness to your appearance. Choose from high, mid, or low fade options depending on the shape of your face. The fade haircut is highly adaptable, seamlessly fitting various hair lengths and textures. Furthermore, it can also be combined with multiple styles to create striking yet stylish looks.

Southside Fade

The Southside Fade is an understated yet contemporary haircut ideal for black men who wish to keep their hair short. This minimalist haircut involves creating a high hair contour in the forehead area that can be styled with any mustache or beard style and even further customized with hair designs for an individual touch. It resembles the Faux Hawk hairstyle but adds extra volume. It works best on thick or curly locks and can cover thinning spots on a man. Furthermore, this haircut easily accommodates those with Afro hair who can adapt this haircut to their style. Achieving a Southside Fade requires finding a barber skilled at cutting fades. Make sure you tell the stylist what kind you’d like; they should know how to achieve it. In addition, ask for specific hair length on top and exact amounts cut off from sides for optimal results.

Faux Hawk

Try the fohawk hairstyle if you want something different than a typical pompadour. This variation on faux hawk offers a mid fade with a textured or layered top for an eye-catching edge and works exceptionally well on men with thin hair who want something extra unique and daring in their look. A textured faux hawk will add volume and impact to any haircut, making it more noticeable. Hairspray should keep this style secure; it looks good in any environment! This versatile hairstyle works great as a transition between classes. Add an edge to your textured faux hawk with an edge by adding a burst fade for an eye-catching contrast between your fade and the top of your hair. Although not for everyone, this style creates an eye-catching appearance and can give a sexy and sophisticated appearance, perfect for men with straight locks! Additionally, add this style to a faux hawk if it includes bangs.

Spiked Fade

Spiked hairstyles always stay in style and can also help cover up receding hairlines or bald spots. To achieve the classic pointed look, begin with clean and damp hair. Next, apply pomade or gel, using your fingers to form small spikes upward and then comb back for a sleek style. Create more volume in your hair by styling longer ends on top. This style works exceptionally well on men with thick locks, making them appear more stylish and masculine. To achieve this look, light hold products such as Chambers Shaper spray are great ways to achieve this style. Men looking to express themselves can do so through this spiky hairstyle with fade. The high fade and neat hairline draw attention away from its spiky top and instead draw it towards its focal point of high fade and neat hairline. You could add side parts or line-ups for added dimension.

Temple Fade

Temple fade haircuts are an alternative to taper fade that blends your hair into your skin rather than cutting it all off. They are recommended for those wanting a fade cut but are still deciding whether to commit fully; your bottom locks will be left longer for an ombre-inspired effect. This style is ideal for anyone wanting a classy and alluring appearance, combining well with any hairstyle to produce an impressive and striking style. Temple can be combined with pompadours to add volume to a class and stand out in a crowd, perfect for casual and formal settings. They are especially suitable for thin-haired individuals looking for additional definition in their face shape.