How to Rock a Low-Braided Ponytail For Black Hair

Braids add an edge to any hairstyle. A side 4-strand braid and slicked baby hairs pair perfectly with the tight low ponytail for an eye-catching formal event look.

Ombre Ponytail

There are countless ways to style a ponytail. Experiment with different textures, finishes, and accessories to elevate your style. For instance, a side 4-strand braid and swooping bangs can turn an ordinary ponytail into an eye-catching style suitable for formal events – this will surely turn heads.

Cute Bubble Effect

Create a cute bubble effect using multiple hair ties by tying a knot around each strand of your natural hair and creating an adorable bubble style with them. This style works exceptionally well on natural locks and is simple and quick to recreate. Add beads or filigree cuffs for an eclectic boho touch!

Canada Hair Wig Recommendation

If you don’t have time to style your hair each morning, why not invest in this Canada Hair wig instead? With its built-in wrap velcro fastener and comb for quick insertion/removal/styling and a honeycomb base that wraps securely around your own locks safely, this 100% human hair piece can easily be styled using heat styling tools to suit any personality!

High Ponytail with Small Feed-in Braids

Consider a low, sleek, braided ponytail if you want a hairstyle that combines polish and laid-back style. Perfect for days when you want to look put-together but lack enough time or energy to style your locks, this braided style requires less tightening or pinning than other braided styles and can even add volume at the crown of your head.

High Ponytail with a Wrap-Around

If you love ponytails but wish there was an easier way to hide the elastic, this stylish wrap-around style may be exactly what you’re searching for. Easy and modern at once, all it requires is some ribbon in the color of your hair and some quick steps for success!

Rows of Small Cornrows Ponytail

This beautiful ponytail comprises rows of small cornrows tightly braided before being fed into a high ponytail for an eye-catching finish. The result is an eye-catching texture ponytail with heads turning your way. Perfect for casual day outings as well as special events.

Twisted High Ponytail

If you want a sleek and chic look, try creating a twisted high ponytail hairstyle. This easy hairdo will draw out your best features. Add big bar clips in bright gold hues for an additional glamorous touch.

Braids and Accent Ribbon Ponytail

If your black hair is long, add more drama to its style by creating braids at the base of a ponytail and wrapping it with an accent ribbon in matching colors – for an eye-catching look suitable for any special event!

Flat Braids for an Eye-Catching Twist

Add an unexpected element to your high ponytail with flat braids instead of traditional cornrows for an eye-catching twist. To achieve this look, divide your hair into three equal sections and twist one unit over the top using bobby pins before reassembling your ponytail.

Diamond Part Ponytails

Diamond part ponytails offer another simple yet elegant way to elevate a ponytail, making your face appear slimmer while adding visual interest. Ideal for black women with oval- or square-shaped faces.