How to Style a Low-Braided Ponytail For Black Hair

Low-braided ponytails for black hair can add an exciting flair to any look, creating a romantic and laid-back aesthetic. To make it trendier, choose an eye-catching pattern for your braid.


Beads can add texture and shine to any braided hairstyle. They are available in various materials, thicknesses, and colors. Beads can provide an elegant and trendy flair to your ponytail, drawing attention to your face. Consider using bright pink beads against black hair for an adorable look.

Swooping Ponytails

Swooping ponytails are a striking way to style braided ponytails. To achieve this look, create a high ponytail and braid the remaining locks into a small swoop at the base. This style is effortlessly fashionable yet easy to achieve.

Eye-Catching Hues

Sporting an eye-catching hue like orange in your hair can turn heads and set you apart from the crowd. Orange hair is impactful, showcasing your individuality at any special event or occasion.

French Braids

French braids are an elegant and timeless hairstyle perfect for formal events. This look consists of two braids in a low ponytail for a sleek finish. Accentuating the braids with bold hues like blue can make the style particularly stunning. Ensure your locks are long enough for braiding before attempting this style.


Low-braided ponytails are an easy and low-maintenance style that shows off your hair. They suit any event and work well for those with longer, thicker locks. You can use a scarf to secure and protect the style during sleep to prevent tangling.

Kinky Ponytail

A kinky ponytail is a simple yet striking way to create a fashionable, high-impact look. This style is especially great for those with wavy locks, as it helps avoid frizz. It is also suitable for those who prefer wearing their hair down during the day.

Add Baby Hair

Adding baby hair to your ponytail style can provide an added flair. Baby hair helps your braids appear neater and more polished, which is particularly helpful when using intricate protective techniques such as cornrows. Use edge control products containing shea or coconut oils to keep your edges in shape and lay down baby hairs while keeping your hair moisturized.


To achieve these styles, you will need hairspray or holding spray, black bobby pins to secure edges and tame flyaways, a satin wrap strip (“sanek”) to protect borders as they dry, and black bobby pins and sanek strips for edge control and protection.