Hairstyles For Long-Wavy Hair

Hairstyle 1: Selena Gomez-Inspired Side Ponytail

– Tease the crown of your hair and style your wavy locks into a side ponytail.

– Add some blonde highlights for added glamour.

Hairstyle 2: Lob

– A lob is an ideal length for casual yet chic hairstyles.

– Works well with both straight and curly locks.

– Easily maintained and added volume for a flattering finish.

– Wavy lobs can be made more dramatic with a side-swept fringe.

– Blonde wavy lobs look luxurious with highlights.

– Accessorize with headbands or pins for added formality.

Hairstyle 3: Layered Cut

– Swooping layers add dimension and movement to medium-length locks.

– Prevents flattening as hair grows out.

– Use a volumizing product before styling.

– Long curtain bangs personalize the layered look.

– Blonde locks can be enhanced with a beach wave look.

Hairstyle 4: Long Layers

– Apply hairspray to add volume and definition.

– Complete the look with an adorable hair clip.

– Ideal for casual styles and any event.

– Works well with any hair color.

– Layered cut frames the face and adds definition.

– Subtle ombre or balayage emphasizes natural waves.

Hairstyle 5: Short Layers

– Balance thicker locks and add movement with short layers.

– Fine layers around the face emphasize the jawline.

– Compliment with warm balayage for a modern look.

– Adds volume and flatters the face, making it appear slimmer.

– Front layers frame the face for an attractive touch.

– Low maintenance and minimal styling time are needed for this bob.