How to Style Long-Short Hair

Long short hair can showcase your individuality. Unfortunately, though, its upkeep requires additional effort than longer locks.

The Classic Bob

A bob is ideal for women who wish to achieve a timeless yet modern appearance without spending hours styling their locks. This particular cut looks fantastic when worn with thick textures or accented by balayage colors for added drama.

The stacked bob is a versatile style that works on all hair colors and can also be styled into an updo for special events. It boasts a middle part and wispy side bangs for added feminine charm. For an elegant finish, this sophisticated bob is styled with chestnut and honey brown balayage for an eye-catching gradual color blend that brings out the best in every strand. The result is an easily manageable style perfect for any special event, while its wavy texture adds volume for casual and playful wear.

The Long Pieces in the Front

Long hair often gives an appearance of youthfulness, while shorter cuts tend to portray older age. As people age, they opt to let their locks grow out longer instead of cutting them short. For this reason, many choose to keep long locks as part of a lifestyle choice.

Your hair length is a matter of personal choice and can transform how you appear sexy, feminine, or masculine. But remember that long hair requires additional maintenance and can become vulnerable over time.

One of the best ways to protect your long hair and keep it lustrous and healthy is to shield it from harsh weather conditions. Additionally, use quality shampoo and conditioner products.

If you have a layered cut with longer pieces in the front, create an irresistibly romantic style by combing it backward for an easy side-swept fringe and romantic waves. This look works particularly well on women with balayage or ombre hair colors.

The Curly Crop

Curly hair can be challenging to work with due to its unruly and frizzy nature; however, when tapered, it can create stunning yet natural looks. This shoulder-length bob features tightly tamed curly ringlets on either side with looser locks in front, creating an authentic bedhead effect or lived-in style for an impressive finish that works beautifully when worn walking or for formal events.

This style is an excellent way to show off your beautiful curls while framing your face, providing some much-needed volume to thin strands. For something extra bold, pair this style with a fade around the ears and nape of the neck for maximum effect; this look will surely turn heads!

The Layered Cut

Layers effectively add volume, definition, and movement to your hair while complimenting different face shapes by framing features like cheekbones. Choose a blunt cut with short or feathered layers for a more accessible beach-babe style.

Layered bobs are always stylish. Wear them with side-swept curtain bangs for a sophisticated look, or wear them without them for an undone style that suits formal and casual events. Plus, this look looks gorgeous with highlights, lowlights, balayage tones, or an ombre fade!

Keep in mind that layered hair requires more maintenance than one-length cuts; you must get your layers trimmed every one and a half to two months to maintain their same shape and length. While decorating them yourself at home may work, we advise professional services as they will know precisely how to cut your layers. Hence, they blend into one another seamlessly without giving you that five-year-old-esque haircut look.