How to Style Long-Length Curly Hair

Length curly hair can look stunning when enhanced with layering and some texturized techniques. Try the Dove Men Care Defining Pomade for this look, made explicitly for curly, coiled, and kinky textures. Try styling your curls into an effortless pineapple updo or adding cute headbands and wraps – quick and beautiful!


The undercut is one of the most versatile styles for long, curly hair. You can make it bold or subtle as desired; its main characteristic is longer top pieces and shorter side parts – an ideal style choice for guys who wear their locks slicked back or pulled up into ponytails. Men often opt for disconnected or blended undercut styles. Various variations are available; barbers’ texturizing techniques may create more natural-looking fades by adding texture to the ends of your hair, giving the effect of natural movement to an undercut style. Feathered undercut fades are an eye-catching way to express yourself and stand out from the crowd. Though this unique haircut requires extra maintenance, its rewards far outweigh this cost and will considerably reduce drying and styling times.

Top Bun

A top bun can look formal and casual, depending on its styling. A tidy man bun may be appropriate for work or school settings, while loosely tied and slightly messy top knots are excellent for casual settings like barbecues or parties. A stacked knot is another superb style option for something more structured than a man bun. Start with a low ponytail, backcomb it for volume, then use bobby pins to secure the knot into place. Finally, apply hairspray so your layers remain secure throughout the day!

Twisted Curls

Long curly hair can look either wild and voluminous or soft and feminine depending on how its strands are shaped and connected, ultimately determining its structure and shape. Using the twist-cutting technique, hairstylists create small, invisible layers within wet curls to remove weight and bulk for an airy, natural style that is light, flowing, and flowing. Using a simple twisted hairstyle for thick curly hair can create an eye-catching frame around your face and be an effortless out-the-door style for those with high-maintenance curls. Wrap a section around your finger and pin it with bobby pins to achieve a chic faux pixie-esque bob look that frames your face beautifully.


Braids are one of the most beloved protective hairstyles for long, curly locks. You can put braids in wet or dry, depending on your desired look, and they should ideally be cleaned once weekly using a gentle and hydrating shampoo to maintain healthy braids. Braids add an elegant touch to any look while helping reduce frizz which may be an issue for textured hair. A defining mousse and strong-hold hair spray may further tame locks for maximum smoothness and hold. Women of color, particularly Black women, have long-worn braids as an effortlessly classic look that can be dressed up or down for any special event. Braids look equally stunning on straight or curly locks, and high ponytails provide an easy and practical solution to keep hair out of the face and off of foreheads.