Long Hairstyles for Guys

Long hairstyles for guys offer numerous styling possibilities, from braids to hard parts – so your mane will look sleek and fashionable. Straight and silky locks work with this men’s hairstyle, while curly strands look particularly chic. Wear your locks slicked back or brushed forward for an office-friendly appearance.

Half-Up Ponytail

Men with long hair often conjure images of outdoorsy wood dwellers with unruly locks cascading down their backs. But long locks actually look great when pulled back into a half-up ponytail for work or casual events – it keeps hair out of the face while looking well-put together!

For natural curls, consider using a mousse or foam product that enhances them to add volume and texture to a half-up style. And for wavy hair that tends to frizz up quickly, invest in some moisture by purchasing a moisturizing shampoo. While Jared Leto’s feathered layers add movement to his half-up ponytail, you can make it sleek and structured by rolling it back into a mini chignon. Either way, this look looks awesome and will complement almost any face shape!


Braids are an effortless way to style long hair. While this classic look works best on guys with straight locks, it also works beautifully on men with curly or wavy locks – just be sure that your locks are well hydrated with water and using curl-enhancing products to maintain full and strong locks!

If you’re blessed with a cowlick (or multiple), take full advantage of it by parting your hair on the side that grows clockwise (left side). Doing this will create an elegant and modern look without shortening up your length. Gerard Butler, Bradley Cooper, and Chris Hemsworth all love to wear this casual yet professional look, which makes a statement wherever it goes. Simply divide your hair into three to four equal sections before creating an over-under pattern with them until reaching the ends – then tie off any loose ends into a small knot and secure with an elastic.

High Ponytail

Ponytails were a beloved beauty trend of the ’90s that have persisted to this day; their stylish appearance exuding power and confidence is still beloved today. Additionally, this versatile look can take you seamlessly from work to an evening event without fail!

Attracting the perfect high ponytail can be challenging for women with long locks, as the key to this style lies in finding its ideal height and width. Practice is key; otherwise, it could end up looking messy or disorganized! For the ideal high ponytail look, follow these tips for success.

For an elegant style, pull your hair into a high ponytail and smooth back using some holding gel. Next, add a few strands to the base of the ponytail to disguise its tie or extension clips – this look works particularly well on full heads of straight and glossy locks, such as Kerry Washington’s. However, soft natural curls also work nicely when wearing this ponytail style.

Middle Part Hair Men

Men with long, wavy hair may prefer a middle part haircut for an effortless yet classic style. With its subtle face-framing layers and natural look, this cut can also help disguise widow’s peaks by drawing attention away from where hairlines naturally thin out.

If you want a stylish yet chic haircut, consider pairing a middle part with either a skin fade or side taper for maximum definition and high contrast. Secure your style with some gel to ensure the long-term stability of the style.

Long hair gives you the flexibility of trying different styles. From creating a full man bun to simply letting it flow down past your shoulders, having long locks gives you plenty of opportunities for experimentation with styling options. Just remember to get regular trims every 6-8 weeks to prevent split ends – you’ll thank yourself later!