Haircuts For Long Hair

A fresh cut could do wonders if your long hair has become frizzy or flat. Plenty of stylish cuts make managing long tresses easier while flattering different facial structures. No matter your style preference – from face-framing types to effortless looks – these looks will have you feeling chic in no time.

Blunt Cut

No matter the texture of your locks, blunt cuts look sleek and polished. To achieve the ultimate polished look, opt for the classic shoulder-length sharp cut with a deep side part for the ultimate smooth look – ideal for special events and nights out on the town!

If you have finer locks, consider getting a single-length blunt bob with an a-line shape for maximum volume and balance in your facial structure.

Add texture and movement to your blunt bob by employing the point-cutting technique.

Enhance your blunt cut with stunning highlights!

Long Bangs

Long bangs can add dimension and interest to your style without compromising inches of length.

If you want a feathered effect, hold your fingertips vertically against one side of your face at the height where you would like your bangs to begin.

Another way to create bangs is to hold your fingers at the level where you would like your charges, then cut with hair-cutting shears just below them – leaving a soft feathered edge.


Pronounced BAH-lee-AHGE, balayage is an innovative freehand painting technique on hair lightener for natural-looking highlights.

Hand-painted highlights offer one of the best customization features of any color technique.

Balayage highlights have a less apparent growing-out effect than traditional foil highlights.

As with any color service, your experience begins with a consultation to discuss your goals and desired hairstyle.

A Little Trim

hair stylists use several terms when discussing how long a client wants to be left behind during a trim.

Use a double-edged comb with broad and fine teeth to section off the lower half of your hair, then spray this section with water to moisten it before trimming away split ends strand by strand with your scissors.

If you don’t want to risk cutting too much off your length, try adding Moroccanoil’s Infused With Keratin deep conditioner or hair serum into your routine to minimize split ends and extend the life of your cut.

Regular trims will also ensure your haircut lasts as it should!