Long Hair Wedding Styles Down

Long-hair wedding styles down can provide endless styling options. These bridal looks will turn heads at your ceremony or reception, from elegant updos to more laidback options.

Voluminous Updo with Soft Waves

Opt for a voluminous updo with soft waves for an elegant yet contemporary style. Add an element of personality with delicate bows or floral crowns.

Loose Half-Up Curls

This loose and lovely bridal style gives you a romantic yet relaxed look on your wedding day. Have your stylist create open, flowing curls that you can arrange around a classic chignon to frame your face beautifully. Add an eye-catching flair with a hair vine or flower clip.

Low Twisted Ponytail

This fun and chic style adds an eye-catching flair to your traditional ponytail. Start with a low ponytail, create a hole just above the hair tie, and feed each side ponytail through to form a top knot. Conceal the hair tie by wrapping a section of hair around it.


Try an updo with intricate braid details or a charming high bun with texturized texture for an elegant wedding day look. This style also works great for showcasing natural waves or pinning back straight hair into an elegant bun.

Crystal Crown

Add a bohemian twist to the traditional wedding tiara with a sparkling crystal crown. Pair it with a floral vine headpiece for added color.

Mermaid Waves

Get a beachy aesthetic with mermaid waves. Use a flat iron to create waves throughout sections of your hair and finish with a flexible hairspray.

Low Ponytail

Ponytails make the ideal low wedding hairstyle. Achieve a sleek and smooth look or create a romantic texture by leaving loose strands around the face.