Long hair Trim Styles That Flatter Your Face Shape

Long hair can be beautiful yet challenging to style. It’s crucial to find a haircut that enhances your facial structure. Here are some techniques that work well:

This versatile, low-maintenance cut adds texture and lift to your locks without sacrificing length.

U-shape Layers:

It works on all hair lengths and textures, adding movement to finer locks and surface to thicker hair.

Long Layers:

Adding color highlights further enhances this timeless style.

Curtain Layers:

They work well with any haircut and hair texture, adding width to thicker locks and lengthening round faces.

Layers with Bangs:

Experiment with colored fringes for a unique touch that draws attention to your features.

These styles give you options to choose from based on your face shape and hair texture. Whether you want something low-maintenance or glamorous, there’s a perfect trim style for you!