Hairstyles For Medium Hair

Medium hair length is an adaptable length that suits a range of styles. Combine a low or high taper fade on the sides with a texturized men’s haircut on top for a contemporary and fashionable look.

January Jones wears her lob with curtain bangs with volume and lift for maximum effect, creating an eye-catching style. To replicate it, use a shine-enhancing spray.

Straight Bob with Braids

Add waterfall braids for an adorable finish to your long bob hairstyle for a cute and easy hairstyle, ideal for medium-length straight hair. It will give an eye-catching appearance, and the technique makes for effortless braids! This style also works on short hair lengths!

Add red highlights to your bob hairstyle for an eye-catching and bold statement, perfect for women and girls wanting to express their lively personalities and fiery spirits. This option makes an impressive fashion statement.

This stunning bob features a center part and is styled with tight braids to frame the face beautifully – an ideal look for work and date night events!

Flat Top

Contemporary flat-top hairstyles combine low fades with square-cut sides for an eye-catching style. Use hair gel to achieve an edgier spiky effect or comb it over for casual looks; it works incredibly well on black hair but will complement all hair types and styles.

This flat hairstyle is ideal for those who want to keep their locks short yet still be stylish. Combining a skin fade with a flat top, this look works exceptionally well on men with thin or receding hairlines and those of all ages and can even be styled into quiffs or comb-overs!

Flow Hair

Flow hairstyles allow your locks to move with your movements naturally and add refinement by applying light products – perfect for people with naturally straight locks who don’t wish to wear their locks too flat!

Hockey players popularized this look, making it ideal for anyone wanting to look stylish while appearing like they just rolled out of bed. Bradley Cooper epitomizes this style perfectly; his long locks adorning his face perfectly frame his appearance.

Mullet Fade

A Mullet Fade haircut is an innovative variant of the classic mullet cut that combines short frontal locks with longer back locks for an updated, contemporary style suitable for all types of locks (straight or curly).

To achieve this look, trim your hair with a skin fade before styling it into soft spikes using either gel or comb. Wavy or curly locks work best because they give a more natural appearance; to make spikes more structured, use pomade or wax to build volume and keep them in place.

Pompadour Fade

A pompadour fade is an eye-catching way to show off your style. This haircut combines plenty of height in the fringe with shorter locks on the sides and crown, creating an eye-catching contrast. Perfect for many different hairstyles; particularly effective with comb-overs or hard part fades.

Taper fades add an elegant edge to any pompadour style, framing your facial structure while making hair appear fuller and defining the class. They pair nicely with beards and stubble, too – for an expressive, bold look, you could also add a bald fade.

Brow Flow

Medium-length brow flows are ideal for most men, making this a perfect look to sport at work or out to drinks. When styling, clay, and matte fixtures are added for an enhanced finish. Just remember to get regular trims so as not to experience split ends in your mane and ensure its health!

The brow flow requires more maintenance than other styles, as you’ll want to keep it looking neat and polished. hair products designed specifically for men will help ensure that strands look tidy, while beards work great with this style to achieve a more rugged appearance.

Layered Haircut

Layered haircuts for medium-length hair provide dimension and movement while looking stunning in any shade – pastel pink shades or copper tones make great choices for any season!

Curly-haired ladies may benefit from adding volume with a layered shoulder-length cut that adds layers. Select an ideal parting based on your face structure, then finish by texturizing the product for an enhanced sleek finish. Choppy layers are another popular style suitable for any hair type or texture – flamboyant on black strands!