Long Hair Pictures – How to Style Long hair With Fresh Caramel Highlights

No doubt about it – long hair is absolutely stunning. While growing it out can take work, the end result makes the effort worth while: long layered looks suit most women well when combined with fresh caramel highlights.

Long Layers

Layering can add depth and movement to both straight and wavy locks by giving them dimension. Layers also make styling your hair easy – curls, waves or even a shaggy ponytail look fabulous with the appropriate layers! For an ultra chic look try feathered chunky layers reminiscent of bird wings; this look works especially well on women with long locks that look stunning with all shades of brown hair!

Start off 2019 right by asking your stylist to cut face-framing layers into your long locks, and you’ll instantly achieve a flattering and timeless haircut. These layers fall beautifully around the face, softening rounded jawlines or square faces while accentuating any subtle balayage highlights that add dimension. It will work beautifully with any hair texture; look especially gorgeous when styled with beach waves or polished blowout.

Layered Haircut

Whatever type of hair you have – straight, wavy locks or coils – a long layered haircut will add movement and dimension. Plus it’s great way of lightening up thicker locks or giving thin ones extra volume!

Ask your stylist to create light, sparse layers throughout your length of hair for easy styling without the worry of maintenance costs. This will enable you to enjoy styling it without worry!

Choppy layers are fashionable and edgy, but you don’t have to go for one-length cuts; soft balayage highlights will create an aesthetic that is both feminine and stylish. This technique works particularly well if you have dark brown or black hair as its caramel or blonde tones will draw the eye directly towards those eye-catching layers and frame your face beautifully.

Balayage Haircut

A balayage haircut is a fantastic way to lighten your locks without the look of dye, with multiple shades of blonde and brown blended together for an unmistakably natural-looking result.

Balayage differs from ombre in that its colors are applied differently; while ombre features an abrupt transition from dark to light, balayage uses smaller sections and paints the hue for a soft, diffused effect.

If you have dark hair, balayage can be an ideal way to avoid brassy highlights too quickly. Just be sure to use high-quality haircare products such as Shu Uemura’s Essence Absolue Nourishing Protective hair Oil ($69) in order to maintain this beautiful style.


Curls are an effortless way to express yourself while also being easy on upkeep. No matter if they’re long 3B curls or loose wavy locks, curls add personality and versatility in style and appearance. An ombre effect allows your locks to grow out naturally while protecting it from sunlight exposure while offering opportunities to experiment with colors!

Get beautiful face-framing coils like Annalynne McCord from 90210 or try something more relaxed like Annalynne McCord on 90210 by opting for loose waves with a deep side part or using products with gel to tame loose waves; loose coils can even be transformed into tight spiraled curls by using proper tools and techniques for styling them into an edgier look.