Ultimate Collection of Long Hair for men and hair care tips

If you have long hair, there are many ways to style it to suit your personality. Among these are braids, Shaggy Hairstyles, and side parts. The style you choose should not hinder your virility or diminish your style sense. Keep reading to learn more about the various hair styles available for men with long Hair.


Braids for long hair for men can be stylish and masculine. However, this style will require some maintenance. It is advisable to use high-quality Hair products. After applying a suitable conditioner, wash the hair regularly and apply a good moisturizer. The best way to maintain this style is by ensuring the scalp stays moisturized.

A simple yet attractive way to maintain this style is to braid the backward portion of the hair. You can do this even on days when you don’t have a special event coming up. The braids should be positioned downward and the ends must be banded. For more sophisticated styling, braid the Hair over the first braid. It’s best to get professional assistance to ensure the quality of the braid. This style is ideal for school or a basketball game. It takes time to get the right look, so be patient and follow directions carefully. You may also have to do weekly maintenance to keep your braids looking fresh.

Adding braids to long hair for men is a stylish and masculine way to add some style to your Hair. Braids are suitable for both long and short hair and are also versatile enough to accommodate a wide range of hair types. Besides braiding your hair, you can also use different Hair accessories to make it look more masculine.

Shaggy hairstyles

The classic shaggy hairstyle for men is usually centered around the bangs, but you can also experiment with a layered, textured look. Shags can look great on both men with long hair and short hair, and the options are practically endless. With a little bit of experimenting and gel, you can create a textured look.

This style accentuates your hair’s texture and volume by combining long layers with short ones. The layered look is suitable for all types of hair, and can even be achieved in a professional setting. Long layered hair is easier to manage than short, layered hair.

Shaggy layers for men are an excellent choice for men with wavy hair. They make a bold, classy appearance. The hair is cut into layers of different lengths, with the front layers a slightly longer than the rest of the hair. These layers can be highlighted with hair gel or a comb.

Shaggy hairstyles for men with long hair can be achieved using a variety of styling products. Ensure that your hair is clean and dry before beginning this style. You can also use a strong hold spray or hairspray to hold the layers in place. Shag hairstyles are often complemented by an undercut, which can add definition to the hairstyle. Shags also look great on men with straight hair.

Shaggy hairstyles for long hair for guys can add texture to dull locks. This hairstyle can also be a great addition to thick hair.


Long, wavy hair can look great in a side-part. It’s also a great way to add height to your hair and give it a classic, professional look. The side-part is particularly appealing for men with rounded faces. The first step in creating a side-part is to part the hair from the top of the head, ensuring that the part lies flat on the scalp. This is an easy task, and you can even use pomade or a regular comb to create the part.

The side-part can be worn with any type of hair. The part can be deep and traditional, or it can be slick and messy. When styling your hair for a side-part, make sure to use a styling product that gives it texture. You can use gel, wax, or hairspray to give it some extra hold. This style is very versatile and can be easily worn in the morning and at night.

If you want to create a side-part in your long hair, you can take a cue from the hipster subculture. This style borrowed elements from the 1950s and added modern touches. This style was eventually adapted and made popular in other eras. A side-part is an easy hairstyle to achieve if your hair is naturally wavy. This style also requires little maintenance and styling. All you need to do is slip a finger through your hair to create a side part.

If you want to create a low-maintenance side-part and low-fade, you can try pomade. A water-based pomade is best for this style, as oil-based pomade can cause greasy chaos. It also adds an edgy touch to the soft waves.

Comb back

If you want to keep your hair looking fresh, a combed back style may be the style for you. This minimal style requires very little product and looks sleek and sophisticated. To get this look, use a small amount of pomade and comb through your hair. The combed back style should have some natural volume. If it appears wet or flat, you’ve gone wrong.

Another way to create this look is to slick it back. This style can be done with short or long hair, and it looks very stylish. You can also add a side part to your slick back style for added effect. This style also works great with thin or fine hair.


Whether you’re a man with long or short hair, the side-swipe hairstyle will look great on you. Part your hair at the side and use a comb to comb the opposite side. To finish the style, tuck it behind your ear.


Whether you’re a traditionalist or a rebel, side-parting your hair is a versatile way to add style and volume to your hair. This style will work on any type of hair, and it can be as deep and traditional as you want. You can use styling products such as clay, gel, or hairspray to give your side-part extra hold. Side-parts can be worn in the morning or in the evening, and they can be easily paired with a variety of other styles.

Creating a side part is simple. Start by deciding which side of the head you want to part, and then carefully comb the hair that way. Make sure to keep the crown on the other side of the part. After you have combed the hair to the desired side, apply a styling product to keep it in place, and then gently shake your head to see where the parting appears.

Modern side parts often focus on adding volume to the top. The side-parting style is also known as a “Comb Over.” It’s a popular look in Hollywood, where Don Draper wore his hair with a perfect side part. It’s easy to create a side-part on your own, but if you’re looking for a professional hair stylist, make sure to ask them to teach you how to do it. If you’re unsure, consult with a stylist and make sure you have the proper equipment.

Side-parting long hair is a classic men’s style that can work with almost any type of face. This style provides structure and natural flow that complements your facial features. It can also give you a more angular look, which is particularly useful for men with round faces.

How to Style and Maintain Long Hair for Men

There are plenty of options for men with long hair. These include shoulder-length locks, mohawks, comb-backs, and Shags. These are all great looks, but you should be aware of the nuances of styling and how to take care of long hair. If you’ve always wanted long hair but hate faff, you might want to consider wearing your locks in a bun, braid, or ponytail.

Shoulder-length hair

The perfect shoulder-length hairstyle for men is one with soft layers. Long hair can be tricky to style, so long layers are a great solution. You can also add texture to your hair by using styling products. Long layers are also a great option for men with thick, wavy hair.

This style is ideal for men who want to keep it casual. It can also be styled to look polished. It is relatively easy to maintain. Just keep in mind that you should not tie shoulder-length hair in a ponytail, which is traditionally associated with women. Nevertheless, you can blow-dry your hair to keep it looking sleek and smooth. However, you must be sure to use the proper blow dryer temperature and technique.

The key to achieving a shoulder-length hairstyle is to have a lot of curls and waves. You can also use a big hair crimper to create beautiful S waves. Adding more volume will pull the look together. You can also try a platinum bed-hair look for a laid-back vibe.

Another style that complements shoulder-length hair is a lob. A natural lob features many layers around the face, while a soft layered lob features more layers towards the ends. The sides are softly curled to add volume and structure. You can also flat iron the bangs to create a beachy vibe.

Shaggy hair

Shaggy hair is low-maintenance and versatile. The layered, shaggy cut is an excellent choice for men with long or medium hair. It is also a great option for guys with thin hair or thinning hair. You can easily maintain the shag look by following a few easy steps.

A man’s shaggy hairstyle can be achieved with a razor cut or with straight hair up to the shoulder. This cut will make the face stand out, while the short strands at the top will give a slightly messy look. To make this look more manageable, try mixing a curl creme with a medium hold gel. Make sure to wash and condition your hair regularly to avoid any frizz.

A short shaggy haircut can be accentuated with a fresh undercut or bald fade. Shaggy hair can also be enhanced with a long fringe. Shags for men are a versatile choice for every season and can be achieved at any time of the year. They are also less time-consuming than other haircuts.

A man’s shag style can be short or medium in length. Medium shags are easy to maintain and create a full head of hair. They also pair well with a wide variety of other styles. They can also be mixed with different textures of hair, including wavy and straight hair.

Shaggy hair for men is a great option for long, thick hair. It looks natural and provides a rockstar vibe. However, the long length is more demanding to maintain, so you should invest in quality hair products to keep the look fresh. You can also try ocean salt showers, which will give your locks an extra solid look. A styling cream is also helpful in limiting the amount of frizz.

Shaggy hair for long hair for men is not only appealing, but also functional. Often paired with a fringe, the shag style adds an edgy touch to long hair. Shaggy hairstyles look great on men with straight, medium, and wavy hair.


Long hair men can create a unique look by wearing a Mohawk. This hairstyle involves shaving the sides while leaving a strip of natural hair in the middle. This hairstyle is a dramatic and hard-to-maintain look that is great for a man who wants to look edgy and polished. It is very difficult to maintain and requires a good hold product.

To create the Mohawk look, you can use a clipper or an electric clipper. Using an electric clipper is easier than using scissors, and you can apply hair gel to hold your hair in place. You can also use styling clay on the tips to prevent your Mohawk from falling out.

The upswept Mohawk style is an excellent choice for black men. These spiky hairstyles have a natural appeal and pair well with a mustache or beard. This style can be customized to suit different personalities and look. It is also great to add some cool designs to the sides for a more stylish look.

Color is a great way to make a Mohawk stand out. You can have a black or a white one, or you can dye your hair a vibrant color. There are plenty of options for men looking for a unique Mohawk. For example, a peach colored Mohawk symbolizes freedom and the Punk rock movement. This hairstyle is also lightweight, so it is easy to maintain.

You can also choose a spiky mohawk style. This looks great on most men. However, you must make sure to use a good hold product before you try it. A spiky mohawk design is a classic Mohawk. It is different from other Mohawks because of its color. Red color is not the most common hair color for men, and some men shy away from it due to its bright appearance. A red mohawk, however, can have charm and make you stand out from the crowd.

A short Mohawk style is also a stylish option. It can add a bold and unique look to a man’s hairstyle. A short main quiff and funky patterning in the back of the hair compensate for the lack of length in the front. In addition, faded triangular sections highlight the lines shaved into the hair.


Long hair is one of the most popular types of haircut for men. Having long hair can make a man look more attractive and desirable to women. It is important to keep your hair well-kept in order to ensure the best possible results. There are a number of ways to maintain a long haircut for men.

A combed back style is the most simple type of long hairstyle for men. It requires very little product and appears neat and sophisticated. To get the look, you should use a small amount of pomade and comb your hair straight back. The comb should not be too wet or flat.

Long hair for men can be very hard to maintain. This style is the best choice if you are going to a formal function or want to add a sleek look. To keep your comb-back style looking great, you can use a wet look pomade or firm-hold mousse. Apply the product lightly and evenly throughout the hair to hold it in place.

Slick back hairstyles never go out of style and can look clean and shiny. This style is best suited for short, medium, or long hair. If you want to get the same chic look but are short on time, you can choose a slick back style. It is also great for men who want to look dashing and stylish.

If you want to create a slick back look, you can use a hair clay or pomade. The clay or pomade will give your hair a glossy look and improve the maneuverability. Make sure to comb the back hair carefully. If you do this, you will get plenty of compliments.