Top 5 Long Braid Hairstyles For Black Hair

1. Side Braids

Side braids are a versatile and visually appealing hairstyle. To achieve this look, create a deep side part and brush away any knots or tangles. Then, grab a rectangular section of hair from one side and begin weaving it into a side braid, passing it over and under other areas for added texture and volume. Finish the style by letting any loose strands fall or pinning them up. Side braids are great for special events or casual day trips.

2. French Braids

French braids are an attractive option for women with long hair and can be worn for casual family outings and special events. Begin by creating a clean center part. Then, french braid your hair from the crown of your head down to the nape of your neck, including any side strands. Add additional small sections on each side of the braid until it reaches the bottom of your hair. Cross them over at their midpoint and repeat this step until all available hair is braided.

3. Box Braids

Box braids are a popular protective style that helps natural hair grow longer while preventing damage. They are versatile and suitable for any event. The latest variation combines passion twists with traditional box braids, creating an undone yet voluminous style reminiscent of curly afros. To achieve this look, you may need hair extensions in both human and synthetic options. Jumbo braids work best, but regular or micro-sized braids can create similar looks.

4. Braided Bob

A braided bob adds flair and distinction to your look. This style incorporates waterfall, criss-cross, and side-braid patterns, creating an eye-catching summertime style. It looks beautiful with an elegant layered bob hairstyle. For a more daring and experimental look, consider adding colored braids like black or red. This style can be worn with the bottom braids pinned up for a half-up style, suitable for casual family outings or formal events with the right accessories.

5. Dreadlocks

Dreadlocks are a sleek and classy style option, embodying masculinity and a sense of classiness for men. They are worn for religious, cultural, and spiritual reasons and have become popular in the fashion, music, and beauty industries. To create this look, part your hair into two equal sections and use your hands to gently separate the ends of the strands, making tiny knots that will eventually form locs over time. Keep them healthy by regularly applying hair oil.