Sexy Hairstyles For Men With Long Blonde Hair

Men with long blonde locks can be incredibly charming; however, their looks can also be difficult and time-consuming to maintain. Plenty of stylish yet low-maintenance men’s hairstyles for blondes make an excellent complement to their stunning hue. Our top picks:

2. Shag

A shag can do wonders for showing off your personality. From subtle Courteney Cox-esque styles to edgier variations, there’s bound to be one perfect for you and your unique style. Wispy shoulder-length layers bring Joan Jett-esque appeal, particularly with blonde locks. To complete the look, add some highlights for extra glossiness. Or opt for something subtler like Zooey Deschanel-inspired long shag with face-framing layers in its place – it will bring Zooey Deschanel-style girl-next-door charm without too much fuss!

3. Platinum Blonde

Platinum blonde hair exudes space-age charm, making it the ideal hue to complement cool skin tones. To achieve this style, use the balayage technique on your locks using toner and developer to achieve soft ribbons of platinum-colored shades. For those hesitant to lighten their entire mane, opting for a root fade that transitions from dark to icy blonde may be less traumatizing for your locks and allow longer between salon appointments. This asymmetrical bob with casual waves is ideal for showing off your gorgeous frozen blonde locks.

4. Beard

An attractive beard can enhance your looks and exude masculinity and is one of the best styles for men with long blonde hair as it exudes masculine charm while only taking minimal effort to maintain. This look features short sides with a longer top and makes the best impression at workplaces and other professional situations. Comb back for easy maintenance!

5. Man Bun

Men with long blonde hair can add sophistication and refinement by styling it with a side part. This look can improve their appearance, creating an elevated aesthetic. Man buns have quickly become an unsettling fashion trend, leading some to feel they’re being subjugated to gender expectations by wearing what has historically been associated with female styles. Yet celebrities and hipsters alike have publicly worn man buns to express masculinity. Blonde dreadlocks create an exciting and adventurous vibe, making this hairstyle suitable for men who enjoy exploring nature. Additionally, beards complete the look.

6. Undercut

An undercut with long blonde hair creates a sleek silhouette, softening the angles of square or diamond-shaped faces. It looks incredibly sexy on platinum blonde locks with dark roots. Try the comb-over with taper fade if you want something softer for this style. Additionally, this look works well when worn with a quiff to complete its androgynous appeal. Keep your blonde locks from going too light by masking once every week and using heat-protectant products to safeguard the color from fading. Additionally, ask your stylist about a toner suitable for your complexion.

7. Long Fringe

Feathered long hair with bangs is a stunning style, made all the more stunning when worn against soft blonde hues. Perfect for any special event or formal gathering, this chic yet seductive style makes you appear classy yet sensual all at once! Bangs can help frame the face, whether straight or swept to one side. Asymmetrical styles also add an exciting and casual vibe. This style can be worn for romantic dates and walks with your four-legged companion at the park, making for easy upkeep while looking fashionable.

8. Blonde Dreads

Blonde dreads are fashionable, making this an excellent look for anyone with blonde locks. To achieve the most stylish and classic results, try opting for darker roots that gradually transition into a vibrant blonde color at medium length. It looks gorgeous! There is also an extravagant look with dreads woven together like a lattice crown – creating a spectacular look! Dyeing dreads is also trendy. They require less maintenance than loose locks; you can wash them like normal hair.