Lizzo Performs a hair Toss to Celebrate Bad B*tch Oughts

Lizzo is well-known for her flute skills, popular hits, and body positivity message. Hailing from Minnesota and TikTok star status respectively, Lizzo practices what she preaches by shattering critics’ egos while telling them to keep their opinions to themselves.

Homecoming performance attire was tailored by her trusted stylist Shelby Swain to feature an on-trend high ponytail created with ghd’s hair tools.

Lizzo’s “Boys”

Lizzo delivered her energetic guitar-driven single “It’s Bad Bitch O’Clock”, encouraging listeners to shake what their mother gave ’em, with playful compliments and playful admonishments (“It’s Bad Bitch O’Clock”) encouraging listeners to show some soul. This track proved perfect to rile up the crowd – as evidenced by Lizzo engaging with fans throughout the night with ease; accepting an artist’s painting like it were an Oscar (repping it on Instagram), bonding with Sheboygan fans during extended crowdwork breaks, and making mention of Chacho’s, Mai’s, and other Houston dive bar scene establishments!

Special is an artistically balanced act; both an extension of her trademark sound and an examination of some mainstream pop tropes that have since emerged. Her lyrics address body positivity, antiracism, and mental health – while never feeling like an exercise in ticking boxes or dutifully saying the right things. “My Skin”

Special’s powerful song about accepting oneself for who they are on the inside and out is another powerful anthem from Special. Lizzo showcases her humor, sass, and incredible voice – not to mention her affection for LGBTQ communities – throughout this track. While many pop songs focus on romantic love, this song takes an unusual route by exploring finding your soulmate within yourself – an important message that should be heard more frequently.

Lizzo knows that people will criticize and spread gossip about her, yet doesn’t let it get her down. Her song serves as a reminder to ignore those who judge, be proud of who we are, and embrace life without apology from those who try to change us. Additionally, its catchy tune makes for great dancing sessions on TikTok and has already become an Internet trend! “Bad B*tch”

Lizzo famously used this phrase when filming her music video for the 2016 single “Good as Hell,” featured on the Coconut Oil album; when gathering a group of black women together and tossing their hair back in celebration that their husbands didn’t deserve them and it became iconic and found its way into clubs, jukeboxes, and karaoke rooms around the globe – watch below! “About Damn Time”

Lizzo took some time after the tremendous success of “Good as Hell” and “Truth Hurts” before releasing her fourth album Special; but the wait has proven well worth it! The upbeat disco anthem “Back To Normal” is all about finding relief after experiencing a stressful period; listening to it, whether live or through TikTok dances, can be an immensely joyful experience. As an added benefit, the song gives Malcolm McLaren a songwriting credit by using a sample from his 1984 track “Hey DJ”. Patrick Hicks provides more details in a TikTok video.