110 Awesome little girl hairstyles Collection for Everyone

If you’re looking for the perfect little girl hairstyle, don’t be limited to just a bun or a ponytail. You can also create a high-pigtail or a mini bun using criss-cross ponytails. These Hairstyles are ideal for your little girl and are easy to manage.

Short asymmetrical bobs

Asymmetrical bob cuts are a great style for little girls. The cut follows a downward slant and the exposed area on the short side is cut with clippers. This asymmetrical cut has graduated length with a longer front section that mimics a longer look and adds weight. This style looks great with a metallic color or combat boots. It’s also easy to style, and will compliment your little girl’s fashion sense.

Asymmetrical bobs are also versatile, and can be tailored to accent the best features of the girl wearing it. They are perfect for both formal and casual occasions. Little girls can sport short asymmetrical bobs with a stacked side on top at the nape of the neck and rounded under the chin.

An asymmetrical bob can also be cut to highlight facial features. It can be cut to be as short as two inches or as long as four inches.

Twisted braids

Twisted braids for little girls are a fun, playful style. These hairstyles are easy to accomplish and do not require you to be an expert braider. To get this look, start by wetting the Hair and dividing it into two sections. Take the middle section and braid it in the same direction.

Next, use a hair elastic to secure the braids in place. This Hairstyle is simple and can be completed in as little as five minutes. You can add coordinating accessories to complete the look. This style is simple but looks polished and sophisticated. If you are looking for a new look for your daughter, try a twisted braid for her.

This hairstyle is also a great way to keep the hair out of her face. A fishtail braid looks adorable with a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. The top half of the fishtail braid is a little fluffy, which adds to the fun of this Hairstyle.

This style will create a cute, summery look for your little girl. If you are feeling ambitious, you can create more elaborate braiding patterns. You can make a fishtail braid, a French twist braid, or a three-strand braid. For each style, start with a two-inch section of hair and twist it a few times. Continue doing this step until the braid reaches the back of the head. Once the braid is secured, use a Hair elastic to keep the hairstyle from falling down.

Double-bun style

Double-bun styles for little girls are a beautiful hairstyle that’s easy to create and manage. Whether your daughter’s hair is thick or thin, there are plenty of ways to style a double-bun. A messy double-bun can look very cute and casual, or you can add an elaborate French braid to dress it up.

A simple double-bun style can be created by braiding two strands of Hair at the back of the head. Then, use bobby pins to secure the pigtails into a bun. Once this is secured, you can twist the pigtails to create a second bun.

A messy double-bun style can also be achieved by taking half of your child’s hair and looping it through a ponytail holder halfway. You can also use a bun sock to create a sleek, low bun near the nape of the neck. A variety of hair accessories can be used to dress up the style and make it more appealing to little girls.

Double-bun styles are easy to create and can be worn for both school and summer days. They’re fast and easy to achieve. They’re also cute and trendy, so they’re a great choice for the upcoming school year or festival season.


Ponytails for little girls can be pretty boring, but you can spice up the style by adding a colorful bow or a braid. You can also braid a piece of hair into a heart shape for added interest. Wrapping a string around the pony can help add volume, too. This is particularly good for fine hair.

You can even try a three ring ponytail to dress up a sports uniform or a play date. You can also braid her hair into a flower or use a gibson tuck for a vintage look. Another cute ponytail for a little girl is a top knot, which can be easily done without fuss, and you can even add a bow or a flower.

If you want to add some volume to the ponytail, you can make it more curly. You can also use a curling iron with a large barrel to create loose curls. You can also add a spray gel product to create waves. Once you have a high ponytail, you can add a headband to hold the loose strands away from your child’s face.


Pigtails are a classic hairstyle that is easy to create, even for parents with little experience in hair styling. Part the hair from the middle to form equidistant small pigtails on each side. Secure the section with an elastic band and fluff it up a bit.

While the term pigtail can be used to describe a single braid, it is more commonly used to refer to two braided pieces that are placed on opposite sides of the head. A single pigtail is also referred to as a ponytail, and an unbraided pair is called a bunch.

Pigtails are a cute hairstyle for a little girl with long hair. Whether she’s going to school, sports, or the park, her long hair can be tossed into a stylish ponytail. Her hairstyle can also be accented with a cute school girl bow.

Pigtails are an easy hairstyle for little girls to create. They are the best choice for birthday parties and fancy frocks, and are appropriate for all seasons and hair types.

French braids

French braids for little girl hairstyles can be extremely versatile. They look chic and protect the hair from the elements. You can create this look at home by following a few basic steps. First, take a small section of hair and divide it into three sections. The left and right sections should be placed over the middle section. Next, add more strands from the sides. Then, secure the ends with a hair elastic.

This braided style is easy to create and does not require an expert braider to complete. The first step is to divide the hair into two sections of about two inches each. Then, use a ribbon to tie the two sections together. This hairstyle will look cute and easy to maintain all day long.

Another option for little girls is to braid the hair into a cornrow pattern. This braiding style can be made thicker or thinner.