Little Girl Hairstyles With Beaded Accents

Girls can add flair to their hair by adding beads in various colors to add interest without appearing overly feminine. Beads add a pop of boldness that keeps the style from looking too prim.

Thin Cornrow Braids with Beads

Thin cornrow braids with beads look stunning on children with fine locks, making the style stand out even further. The beads add visual weight that draws the eye.

Braided Bun

Little girls adore braided bun styles that combine side and top cornrows into an eye-catching updo that shines at birthday parties and school events. Gold beads pair beautifully with dark hair to make this girl’s style stand out and truly make this child’s hairstyle distinctive. Kids love wearing colorful beads, making this playful pigtail hairstyle ideal.

Cornrow Braids

Add drama and color to your little girl’s hairstyle by giving her intricate cornrow braid designs. Beaded side braids are another tremendous protective hairstyle for girls, making a bold statement against little black girls’ locks.

Long Ponytail

Beads add an exciting and stylish edge to long ponytails for girls. Additionally, this style looks more formal than the standard ponytail style. This hairstyle requires quite a lot of work; its tight pulling may become painful for younger kids over time.

Space Bun

Ponytails are an easy hairstyle perfect for daily wear, while space buns provide a fun twist. Beads make an excellent way to add a dash of color and create any style more intriguing; adding gold beads elevates this look for an extra festive flourish.

Gold Braids

Gold braids make an eye-catching fashion statement that complements the complexion while remaining stylish. Stitch braids offer an alternative protective style option. Beads add visual weight and dimension to lemonade braids, preventing them from appearing too light and thin.

Bright Weavings

Little girls love dressing themselves up in elaborate braided styles and hair accessories. This style features diagonal lace braids woven diagonally across your daughter’s head that are then gathered into a flat rosette shape with an ornamental clip adorning its center for an eye-catching finish. If your girl has long hair, try twisting it into an eye-catching style!