How to Style Lil Baby Hair With Dreadlocks

Lil Baby’s hair Type and Styling

Lil Baby is known for his type 4C hair and unique hairstyles, such as the recent barrel twist style that received praise. To maintain an attractive appearance, it is recommended to wash baby dreadlocks once or twice a week without stripping their natural oils.

Achieving Barrel Twist Style

The barrel twist style is Lil Baby’s signature look for his dreadlocks. It requires minimal upkeep, protects the hair, and allows for growth. To achieve this style, divide the hair into three sections, take mini sections from each and pin them together near the roots. Wrap a new dreadlock around each pinned pair, and then wrap all remaining ones around itself. For maintenance, apply locking gel and twist the dreads. Use hair oil or spray for volume, and cover with a satin pillowcase or durag when sleeping to prevent damage. Regular washing helps maintain health and moisture balance in the dreadlocks.

Growing and Maintaining Locs

Lil Baby started his loc journey in 2019 using the sponge method. Once the locs reach the starter stage, it is crucial to maintain them properly to prevent tangles, breakage, and promote healthy hair growth. Shampooing every four to six weeks with a clarifying shampoo or chemical scalp exfoliants can reduce flaking and buildup. Styling locs with edge control or gel can give them a sleek appearance. Braiding the edges into the locs adds definition, while tucking them under creates additional texture. Protecting locs from sun and heat exposure is also important.

Maintenance Tips for Healthy Locs

To keep Lil Baby’s locks healthy, washing with natural oils a few times a week and moisturizing between washes is essential. Avoid using tight hair ties that may cause breakage, and opt for wide-toothed combs or soft-bristled brushes instead. Spray detanglers can also help with any knotted locks.

Lil Baby’s Dreadlock Journey

Lil Baby initially had loose afro braids before transitioning to freeform dreadlocks in summer 2019. Rappers often impress fans with their unique fashion choices, including hairstyles and clothing. There was a recent story of a rapper giving a generous gift to his hairdresser, allowing her to buy school uniforms and catch up on bills.

Removing Baby Hairs

Lil Baby’s signature lil baby hair frames his face and complements his look. Sometimes these fine hairs can get in the way and need to be cut or removed for a desired look. Methods of hair removal for baby hairs include shaving, threading, tweezing, and using hair removal creams.