5 Ways to Rock Red Hair

When done correctly, red hair can be an eye-catching hue, bringing out its striking beauty. From fiery copper hues to sunset-inspired roots and beyond, there are numerous beautiful ways to sport this vibrant shade! As with any color-treated hair, be sure to use sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner tailored explicitly for color-treated locks to maintain its fabulous hue! This will keep the new shade looking amazing.

Burgundy Red

Burgundy is an irresistibly seductive dark shade that works wonders on any hair texture and length – from curls to sleek. Furthermore, burgundy doesn’t fade quickly, so shampoo frequently and use a color-depositing conditioner to keep your strands vibrant! The burgundy-red hair trend is about showing off your bold side with an intense hue. This wine-colored hue with subtle purple and brown undertones works excellent on both blonde and dark hair and works particularly well against darker skin tones such as pink, ebony, or olive hues. To add subtler highlights to this trend, ask your stylist to add burgundy hues on dark hair for an ombre effect and added drama. Burgundy also works well when worn straight or parted into curtain-style bangs.

Cherry Cola

Red hair is an eye-catching trend this season, but if it’s too bold for your taste, consider Cherry Cola instead. This TikTok-trending hue features dark red shades with violet and brown undertones for maximum versatility across light to dark skin tones – wearable in short bob cuts or longer locks! Its vibrant burgundy shade pairs beautifully with blonde hues or is used to animate darker ombre looks! Dark red shades offer many advantages over fiery red ones, including longer wear-time without fading as quickly and less frizziness. However, use products like Matrix Total Results Mega Sleek Anti-Frizz Serum to maintain that smooth finish to combat frizziness. If you aren’t ready to commit to full Cherry Cola hair color yet, add eye-catching cherry Cola streaks as a subtle yet trendy style to give your locks some added color! Lines are easy to apply and provide a pop of color without taking over your look.

Rose Hair

Are You Looking to Switch Things Up as a Brunette? Consider A Rose-Gold Ombre Hairstyle. If so, ask your colorist about creating an ombre effect with rose gold highlights using freehand balayage techniques to transition from dark to light color tones gradually. This hairstyle provides the ideal way to try pastel shades without simultaneously bleaching out all your locks! Make an impression statement with rose techniques by choosing more dramatic options. If you have brown hair, ask your colorist about a bold flaming burgundy rose shade with peachy blonde ends for an irresistible rocker vibe. Blondes should opt for pastel rose gold shades that add depth and dimension to their mane whenever possible. This vibrant blush hue looks incredibly mesmerizing against sandy beige blonde locks, making any beachy updo or wavy bob even more captivating. Additionally, try deep versions that blend pink, lavender, and copper for a gemstone-inspired effect.

Copper Blonde

Copper hair color is perfect for girls looking for an eye-catching and eye-catching style. This vibrant hue works particularly well when worn with blonde locks; for an added punch of character, add bangs if possible for an eye-catching effect. Young women and teenagers tend to favor this fun look! Make a stunning statement with your copper dye job by creating an eye-catching root melt effect. Your stylist can start with deeper red hues at the roots before gradually transitioning them into lighter copper shades to achieve this captivating hair color effect. Cool-toned copper hues look lovely on all complexions, making it simple and cost-effective to keep looking vibrant for longer. Sulfate-free shampoo can help extend this deep shade, ensuring vibrant hair colors continue to look their best over time.