Layers For Medium Hair

Layers and Texture for Medium Hair

Adding layers to medium-length hair can add texture and volume. This can be achieved using texturizing spray and a middle parting for maximum impact. It’s a low-maintenance style that works well with medium-layered hair.

Thick hair and Layers

Thicker locks can be challenging to style, but adding layers can make it easier by reducing their weight. A layered bob cut with uneven, choppy pieces can soften the lines and create an attractive and feminine appearance. Balayage highlights can also be added for definition and a lighter hue. An elegant shoulder-length layered bob with side flip and piecey bangs can help balance the fullness of thick hair, especially when combined with light beach waves.

Adding Texture to Thin Hair

Layers can make thin hair look thicker and help eliminate bulk from long, coarse textures. If you have medium-length hair with natural waves that need volume control, consider adding light layers for a stylish finish. Medium face-framing layers are particularly suitable for women with wavy locks, offering a low-maintenance summer style that keeps the waves in place.

Layered Hair in Different Shades

Layered hair looks beautiful in shades of brown, from deep caramel hues to dusty pinks and deep cherry reds. The choppy texture can be softened with side-swept bangs or enhanced with trendy balayage highlights.

Face-Framing Layers

Framing layers can enhance hair length and texture, highlighting your beautiful features while softening them. They are accommodating for women with sharp or hard facial features. Framing is a great way to highlight your hair texture and simplify styling.

Choosing the Right Style

Framing the face with layers is a flattering haircut for medium-length hair, as it softens and feminizes your facial features. Long layers around the front create a maximum effect, especially for oval or heart-shaped faces. A side-parted haircut with wispy V-cut layers is also a great style choice for medium hair, as it creates a soft piece-y texture and draws attention away from a prominent chin. Women with round faces may benefit from this cut as it helps divert attention from their jawline.


While layers can add volume and texture to any haircut, they may reduce the thickness of thin locks. It’s important to know this before adding layers to your hair.