Long, straight locks are iconic of modernity, yet layering can take this style one step further. Work with your stylist to add face-framing strands just above the jawline to elevate this timeless style. Rounded layers create a soft and feminine style that flatters most facial structures. Try adding highlights for extra thickness for an effortlessly stylish finish.


Layers help fine hair achieve fullness by increasing volume and natural movement, and feathered layers around your face for an attractive style that works on all skin tones. Have your stylist feather some of these layers around your face for maximum effect and an effortlessly chic style that works with all skin tones. Layered haircuts can work wonders on all hair textures, especially thin or delicate locks. Choose a long bob with subtle layers to frame your face while increasing volume without adding weight to your locks. If your fine strands tend to flatten over time, ask your stylist to feather soft layers from your brow bone down for an instant boost. This will accentuate your facial features for a sophisticated look, which can easily be enhanced with bold hues like Lizzo’s purple bob.


With so many powerful women embracing grey locks in public, more people are choosing to let their natural color grow through. Unfortunately, this process can be challenging as there can be a noticeable contrast between your colored roots and grey roots that makes this transition challenging for some people. To avoid stark division, try grey blending. This involves lightening your colored hair using foils before matching it to natural grey strands for an ombre-like effect that blends your roots as they spread. Use a hair-stripping product to remove the dye and expose natural gray pigments hiding beneath the paint, thus avoiding an unattractive and potentially disconcerting color change. While this will take more time and patience, the result should be a smooth transition from your current hue to gray!


Add sophistication and glamour to your look by having your stylist create this lovely medium-length layered haircut. Boasting various layers at various lengths, it frames the face while softening features to flatter any face shape. A bit of product and adept blow drying will keep its textured layers in place all day. Long, straight strands are an iconic sign of sophistication, but layering can further your style. Ask your hairdresser to feather layers around your jawline to open up facial features and appear younger. Give your shoulder-length wavy shag an exciting upgrade with this beautiful layered cut! Choppy layers and golden blonde balayage create a built-in style that looks ready for anything, even when you don’t feel like spending much time in front of the mirror.


A layered medium hairstyle looks stunning when its middle-parted strands feature both long and short layers that frame your face. It will also provide you with a soft round shape, which complements and complements your facial features for an excellent look. Layers are ideal for thicker locks because they add volume and lift while at the same time reducing bulk. Try a shoulder-length cut with soft, wispy layers for an effortlessly stylish bob that will flatter your neckline. If you want to showcase the layers in your blonde mane and show them off more strikingly, opt for an ombre or balayage style with both lowlights and highlights. Pale blonde shades like Nicki Minaj’s, Sarah Hyland’s, or other stars have successfully worn this flattering look!


Face-framing layers are integral to layered hairstyles, drawing attention directly to the face while adding volume and movement to the style. They work well on all face shapes and lengths of hair. This shoulder-length, layered look features delicate curtain bangs sweeping down to meet the cheekbones and light, airy layers. Additionally, this hairstyle uses its layers to debulk its weightiness for effortless styling. If you want a chic and sophisticated hairstyle, consider opting for a face-framing bob with long layers. This easy-care haircut looks fantastic with loose waves, polished ponytails, or half up half down styles; just remember to use volumizing mousse or blow-dry creams regularly to keep your locks sleek.