Level 7 Hair

Level 7 hair is a mid-blonde shade between light blonde and platinum. It may have brassy or orange tones. Space bleaching sessions 4-6 weeks apart to reduce damage.

Level 8

Level 8 is a light blonde shade that works on natural hair shades between Levels 6.5 and 10. It’s ideal for pastel colors, but lower levels may work better for very light pastels. Yellow tones can be toned out with an ammonia-free toner. Color-depositing shampoo or conditioner can neutralize brassy tones. Level 8 is great for balayage highlights.


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Level 6

Level 6 hair colors are vibrant and can make you look younger. It’s a great starting point for highlights and balayage. Select a suitable shade for your skin tone before experimenting with other hues.

Level 7 Blonde

Level 7 blonde, also known as platinum or white blonde, is achieved through bleaching agents. It is a light blonde shade that suits most people. It’s ideal for highlights, balayage, and lowlights.

Level 8.5

Level 8.5 hair colors are medium to light blonde shades with subtle red undertones. It is a flattering shade for those with light or strawberry-blonde hair. Pastel tones stand out beautifully in this shade.

Dark Golden Brown

Dark golden brown is a natural level 6 shade that is popular among women. However, it can be challenging to achieve on dark locks due to its yellow undertones. Consider using high-quality dye and lightener products for coloring dark brown hair.