Edgar hair Cut Design – Layered Shoulder Length Waved Style


A layered shoulder length wavy style is a stylish way to wear long tresses. Its short length and soft waves give it a retro appeal. The layers will also make the hair look full and fuller. It is very easy to style and maintain. If you have long tresses, you can use a styling mousse to make it even softer. Your stylist can also give it a sleek finish by using a diffuser.

How to Approach Layered Shoulder Length Wavy hair


There are many different ways to approach layered shoulder length wavy hair. Some people prefer to straighten their top part to emphasize the waves at the bottom. If you’re looking for a style that’s appropriate for special occasions, try a slightly darker shade of red or copper. Then, leave the top part wavy, and use a light-colored styling gel to make the top part look neat. For everyday wear, the stacked style works just fine.

Layered Shoulder Length Waved hair


Shoulder length wavy  is an effortless way to get a royal look. This style features a layered look that blends in with the basic outline. This cut features straight layers that are separated by horizontal cuts. This style can also incorporate bangs to give it a beach babe vibe. It is a great choice for busy women who want to keep their styles easy to maintain.