Layered Shoulder Length Wavy Hair

Layered shoulder-length wavy hair is an adorable and timeless style. It works well with any natural hair color or highlights. The layers accentuate the waves for a feminine yet modern look that never goes out of fashion. To achieve this style, heat styling may be required.


Adding bangs to shoulder-length hair can give it an effortless and low-maintenance style. Charges can elevate movement while providing an ageless vibe. Whether you choose a blunt cut or curtain bangs, they can add texture and dimension to fine wavy hair. Cracks can easily be brushed out or swept aside for a dramatic look.


Balayage is a hand-painting technique that creates a custom color finish. It starts off light at the roots and gradually increases in saturation throughout the hair. This technique mimics how natural lightens hair over time and prevents noticeable growth-out. Balayage is especially beneficial for deep brunettes, as it can transform their hair to warm honey or golden blonde without looking brassy.

Mermaid Waves

Achieve an effortless beach babe look with long layers that start at the face and flow down the length. A layered cut will highlight natural waves without making them unruly. Adding sea salt spray enhances the stylish look, perfect for any special event. Consider a blunt bob with side parting and caramel highlights for a more defined structure.

Angled Waves

Layers can add movement and dimension to wavy hair. Cutting angled waves in shoulder-length, wavy layered hair creates an appealing ombre style with more volume. This medium-length haircut is easy to maintain with volumizing products like mousse. The face-framing layers and soft side bangs elongate features and soften the style. Angled waves work well with curly or kinky textures, providing more consistency and natural results than feathering.