Edgar haircut Design – Layered Medium Length Wavy Styles


If you have wavy, medium-length hair, a layered style will suit you. The layers are usually angled towards the center of the head, but you can also try a blunt textured lob to add a beachy feel. To make it more natural, use a dark tone for the roots. The wavy layers will add depth and dimension to your medium-length hair.

Blue Anime Model – Layered Medium Length Waved Style


If you’re looking for a fresh look that’s perfect for an evening out, a layered medium length wavy style is the perfect solution. With side bangs and cute layers, this style is not only easy to achieve, but also enhances your beauty. A layered wavy style is the perfect way to add a splash of color to your look without spending hours in the salon. Whether you have naturally blonde or reddish brown locks, this wavy cut is an ideal choice, as it provides a fun, edgy look.