5 Layered Hairstyles For Medium Length Wavy Hair

If your long, wavy locks can be challenging to style, a layered cut may be your ideal solution. Add volume and texture with UNITE TEXTURIZA texturizing spray. This layered bob works well for all face shapes and is incredibly flattering on those with thick hair. The face-framing layers add dimension and movement and provide measurement within this look.

Jagged Layers

Medium-length wavy hair looks incredible with layers. Not only can they lighten up and manageable your locks, but they can also be styled in various ways to suit different occasions – this layered haircut makes maintenance simple! Plus, it looks fantastic air-dried with texturizing spray.

Face Framing Layers for Thick Wavy Hair

Ask your stylist to add face-framing layers for thick wavy hair as part of your cut. These soft, blended layers will eliminate bulk while emphasizing and defining your natural curl pattern. Or try something bold like the 90s trend of choppy layers; these textured styles look good with either middle partings or bangs and look fantastic on all hair types and colors alike!

Asymmetrical Choppy Bob

Regarding medium-length wavy hair, the bob is one of the best haircuts for women who wish to embrace their natural waves. This layered style thins out your strands while simultaneously adding volume. Perfect for thick or textured locks, and works wonderfully when combined with fringe. Try this asymmetrical version if you want a more luxurious take on the choppy bob. Featuring layers that graze one shoulder while falling onto your chest on the other side, this style can help highlight any face shape! If you’re in the mood for something sexier, try this wavy bob with bangs reminiscent of Penny from The Big Bang Theory – perfect for women looking to make a statement through their looks.

Jagged Lobs

The angled lob is attractive for heart, oval, and square faces. Its volume-boosting qualities can give thin strands plenty of body without making their hair appear flat or lifeless. Complete your look by pairing this look with chic hair color options to make your look extra seductive! If your locks are thick, adding razored layers at the ends may add airiness and prevent your haircut from looking too heavy. To get this effect, let your hair air dry naturally for an effortless style or add texturizing products for an imperfect style. An intricately layered ombre can give a shoulder-length cut a striking twist. Ideal for women who have thicker strands, as it makes their locks appear fuller and healthier.

Dark Labs

This medium-length hairstyle features choppy layers that create a face-framing frame around the forehead and cheekbones. It draws attention to her smoldering eyes with its subtle side parting and face-framing frame. A quiet side part draws even more focus to her stunning eyes – perfect for all skin tones! For optimal results, trim every 6-8 weeks; use Shuemura Essence Oil when blow drying for additional texture. A wavy bob with short bangs is an elegant style for medium hair. This look is soft, feminine, and suitable for women of all ages and colors. Layered, wavy hair looks beautiful no matter its color, but vibrant hues like mahogany or blue-black stand out even more strikingly. For an eye-catching effect, try opting for this look.

Jagged Ends

Feather cuts may not be for everyone, but asking your stylist to add feathered layers along the edges of your hair may add volume and enhance the shape of your face. Also, try different styles, from blunt, choppy ends to subtle gradients, for variety and versatility. Wavy hair looks best with layers, as they frame the face and reduce bulk. To achieve this look, your stylist should know how best to manage wavy locks; therefore, it is recommended that they are layered while wet for maximum effect. You can dry with texturizing products afterward for an elegant and timeless style. What’s best about this style is it requires little upkeep or maintenance.