How to Style a Layered Lob

Represent your blonde locks with this lived-in long layered bob. A light blonde shade enhances the skin tone, while peekaboo blond highlights and face-framing bangs add dimension. A professional hairdresser can assist in determining how many layers should be included for optimal styling of this cut.

The lob is flattering for any hair texture and perfect for older ladies with straight locks.

Tousled Lob

A tousled lob is an effortless choice for wavy hair. Its beachy vibe complements most facial structures. Add face-framing waves like Selena Gomez if you want something more dramatic. Use Oribe Supershine Moisturizing Cream ($52) to combat frizz and manage frizzy strands for optimal results.

An alternative way to elevate a blunt lob is with subtle balayage. This technique masterfully highlights your strands for an eye-catching and youthful appearance – whether your locks are blonde or dark brown, there will surely be an option to suit you perfectly!

For classic and sophisticated looks, consider wearing a lob with bangs for an enhanced appearance. Use gel or tie your strands back in a low ponytail or bun for an updo that draws attention to both eyes and cheekbones. A sleek back lob can also attract more focus to both features!

Graduated Lob

The graduated lob haircut is a highly fashionable and versatile style that adds shape and volume to the face while simultaneously highlighting it. Ask your stylist for layers with longer front than back, this trendy, rounded effect. Add in highlights that flatter your skin tone for added beauty, and you have an exquisitely layered bob that works with or without bangs!

Add an eye-catching twist to your layered lob with balayage highlights for a soft, natural shade that complements most skin tones. This trendsetting shade will make any look fashionable!

A slicked-back lob is the ideal cut for formal events. Your stylist can craft this style using gel or styling spray, providing you with a sleek and polished look that’s simple to keep looking its best! Additionally, its movement will draw all eyes towards you, whether worn with side-part or center partings.

Shaggy Lob

The shaggy lob is ideal for women who wish to add an edge and volume to their look. This hairstyle features shorter layers in the back that gradually lengthen towards the front for a face-framing effect and added book. Furthermore, this cut can also work great for thick tresses that require lengthening and texturing.

This version of the lob features soft waves to give a boho vibe and movement, perfect for casual get-togethers with friends or formal events. For added drama and style, heavier eye makeup and darker lip colors may give this style more flair.

The side-parted lob is an effortlessly stylish haircut that complements all face shapes. A great alternative to bangs, it can help make you appear younger while remaining flexible enough for various hair textures and styles – from smooth and sleek to wavy and tousled!

Wavy Lob

If your natural waves are undulating, a lob with a center part and beachy highlights is an effortless beauty look. Use styling mousse for added volume and flyaways control – and you’re set!

Thick wavy hair doesn’t stop you from sporting classic Hollywood glam stylings like a layered bob with center parting but longer front layers for an updated version of Hollywood glamour. Or, for something less formal but still suitable for daily life, consider trying deeper side parts or bangs for an everyday casual look that works regardless of the occasion.

A lob is the ideal length for showing off your beautiful hair color, especially if you have dark roots. Ask your stylist to add more balanced highlighting so the lighter sections blend seamlessly with your darker roots rather than standing out too much. Adding light-colored balayage can give straight locks more vibrancy and edge.