Layered Hair Styles With Bangs

Layered hair can add volume and lighten your look without overwhelming it with weight. Paired with bangs, this style makes an impressive statement about who you are while being flattering for every face shape. Prepare your hair with some heat protectant before straightening it. Lift 2-inch sections at a time and sweep them all to one side before continuing the styling process.

Long Layers

When styling long hair, layers that beautifully integrate into bangs are an easy look to style with just a few quick touches: add waves or volume for an unassuming, relaxed style or dress it up with a stunning red color, an eye-catching ombre effect or two-toned balayage for something truly unforgettable! Face-framing layers look stunning when worn with a messy lob or deep side part, beachy waves, wavy curls, or an elegant updo. These layered hairstyles make an excellent way to experiment with fringe experiments or need something more stylish and voluminous for their long locks. Layers also look stunning on short haircuts, especially when combined with a pixie cut. This effortless style requires very minimal styling: apply volumizer to damp hair before blow drying with a paddle brush for lighter volume, and then use a small curling iron to create large vertical curls which you swoop to one side using small coils for large vertical coils that you dive and finish by misting on some light holding spray for an effortlessly stylish look.

Rounded Layers

If you want longer and fuller tresses but are searching for more volume, rounded layers could be your answer. Curled or wavy styles work exceptionally well when spherical layers are added to medium to long hair length. Not only can these add texture, but they can also help disguise fine lines or an overall heavy appearance. If you have rounder features, focus on rounded layers around the eyes and forehead for an ultra-glam look! If your hair is naturally fine, you may assume layered haircuts won’t work for you. Take a look at Carrie Underwood’s voluminous bob with layers as an example – she shows them to make her locks stand out, frame her face beautifully, and even hide some fine lines! For an eye-catching style, long layers can be enhanced by feathering around the front for an eye-catching effect. This look will showcase your bangs while flattering your facial structure – remember not to opt for choppy layers, as this could result in harsh or severe results!

Blonde Hair

Blonde hair is an incredibly versatile shade that can be styled in many different ways and looks. Layers offer great ways to add texture and volume, from sleek and chic to adding volume with texture and volume layers. Check out this classic pixie with bangs, which looks good on almost any face shape and is suitable for virtually any event or occasion – use some hair product to keep it out of your face for an effortlessly sophisticated style! Layers are a fantastic way to showcase a striking blonde hue, mainly through balayage or highlights. This strawberry blonde bob boasts beautiful combinations of shades that will complement nearly all complexions, or experiment with darker copper blonde for something bold and edgier. Braiding your bangs into an undone braid and tying them back formally creates an attractive boho-chic aesthetic!

Brown hair

Brown hair is an elegant shade, ideal for many styles, and enhanced with layers. Layers can add volume and movement and lengthen the face; they even look gorgeous with bangs to frame it beautifully! Side-swept bangs are an easy and stylish way to elevate any shoulder-length layered cut, and these soft fringes will complement all facial structures perfectly with darker brown locks. Curly hair is an excellent accompaniment to layered haircuts, as its coils create fuller and fuller locks that display volume and bounce. Feathered layers work best when styling curly textured locks as they remove bulk without diminishing the importance and bounce of curls. For classic brunettes seeking to update their style, ask their stylist to style an airy layered lob that brushes against your shoulders. This mid-length style will elevate an otherwise low-maintenance blunt cut into something exciting!