A Layered Angled Bob Haircut

A layered angled bob haircut brings an edge of wildness to classic styling. Asymmetry is at the forefront of this chin-length cut that looks fantastic with balayage highlights. This layered, angled bob is an excellent style choice for girls with fine hair, creating volume and structure to the strands that frame the face. Wispy bangs may also add feminine flair.

Jagged Edges

A layered angled bob haircut will help add volume and flair to thin locks, as the layers offer you an opportunity to show your creative side and express your individuality through different looks and styling techniques. Experiment with messy styles, gel it in particular directions, or color your jagged layers pink and purple! Just be sure your stylist cuts your hair correctly to not ruin its shape! Long-angled layers work perfectly with this hairstyle. They add fullness and define the crown while shaping the face and neck area. In addition, this layered bob can also be worn with long, wispy bangs for an added effect. This style is the epitome of low maintenance! Just wash and go, or use hot tools like your hairdryer and irons to type. Just trim it every three or four weeks so it grows slowly!


The balayage hair-color trend has quickly become one of the most enduring. Instead of traditional highlights, balayage involves dyeing your locks without using foils – creating seamless blending and natural-looking sun-kissed color results. Cassanova describes this style as an “undone and cool surfer girl look.” Think caramel and espresso strands that appear to have spent summertime at the beach. While balayage may be most popular with blondes, it also produces stunning results on medium brown locks and is much gentler on your strands than bleaching, which may damage its core structures. Plus, it often leads to less grow-out at your roots than its counterpart ombre – so if you’re ready to explore something different, ask your colorist about this technique today.


If you prefer an undone, flirty style, this chin-length angled bob with shaggy edges could be for you. Short layers on top add height and frame the face while cascading bottom layers create a beautiful round shape. White-blonde highlights add texture, while lavender and silver-blue hues provide this bob with stylish contrast. Another effective way to create a shaggy layered bob is having your stylist feather the edges of your strands, adding volume and texture. This technique makes styling this style straightforward, whether parting it in the middle, slicking it back, or pushing it to either side; it will fit you like a glove.


No matter the length or texture of your locks, layered angled bobs offer endless ways to transform your appearance. Try something bold, like a neck-length choppy layered bob or an angular bob with bangs, and play around with color to craft something truly original! If you have straight hair, consider trying out a stacked angled bob with long layers in the front and shorter layers at the back for an eye-catching, elongating effect. Waving sprays make styling this cut simple! Another choice would be the layered inverted bob for thick hair, which offers an updated take on classic cuts while effectively combatting any insecurities about face shape. With feathering techniques to give it youthful and girlish charm, this haircut can add volume and texture while being ideal for dealing with face shape insecurities.


An angled bob is an effortless way to add edge and definition to hair with minimal styling effort, according to pro hair artist Hayley Huckaba. The versatile cut can be customized according to each woman’s hair’s texture and length for an edgier style that stands out. For example, choppy layers add a volumetric body to fine, lifeless locks, giving them fullness and thickness. Pair this layered haircut with light red waves for a full-on transformation! When styling robust and thick hair, the cascade-angled bob is often an excellent way to frame the face and add depth and dimension to a sharp silhouette. This short-angled layered bob is also easy to style – all it requires is salt spray and lightweight texturizing foam to achieve this smoky yet flattering style.