Laser Hair Growth Reviews

Laser Treatments for hair Growth

Laser treatments for hair growth increase density and promote regrowth by increasing blood circulation to your scalp, providing essential nutrients and oxygen. These FDA-cleared devices generally have very few side effects, with increased hair shedding being one of the more noticeable side effects during the first month. This should pass quickly.

Capillus Pro

Capillus Pro is FDA-cleared to help both men and women regrow their hair, using laser light scalp stimulation to promote follicle growth. Designed to be user-friendly and only require six minutes a day of treatments, hands-free operation means this device doesn’t have to be worn over extended periods like other products do, perfect for those wanting to try this therapy without making long-term commitments in a clinical setting. Trustpilot reviews for this product show high customer satisfaction levels of 4.4. Many users report experiencing new hair growth after using this product for several months. Capillus products are built on research that shows LLLT can increase hair growth. It is non-invasive and safe, though more long-term studies will be necessary to ascertain its efficacy; perhaps using it in combination with treatments like minoxidil or finasteride could yield the greatest success.


Kiierr is an FDA-approved laser hair growth product designed to combat hair loss. Kiierr provides a safer and cost-effective alternative to expensive laboratory treatments, typically taking around 180 days for the scalp to return to its previous state – Kiierr can speed this process along.

The Kiierr Pro laser cap boasts 148 medical-grade laser diodes and has been clinically proven to promote hair growth. It’s easy to use, portable, and features long battery life – automatically shutting off after 30 minutes for best results. Use every other day for maximum effectiveness! Mike Anderson is a medical doctor with extensive experience treating hair loss. His company prides itself on customer satisfaction, and its laser hat has an industry-leading customer satisfaction rate and FDA clearance to be used on both men and women for early to moderate hair loss symptoms using low-level laser therapy.


HairMax is an advanced laser device that promotes new growth and thickening for existing locks, as well as diminishing hereditary thinning or hair loss. You can use HairMax either alone or alongside treatments like minoxidil (Rogaine).

The device consists of a comb equipped with distributed lasers that penetrate the scalp. Every four seconds, this beeper or vibration (7 laser models) signals when it’s time to move it to another section of the scalp. According to HairMax, people typically begin seeing results within 20 weeks of regular usage of its device. They recommend using it three times each week for 90 seconds at three different sessions, and it can easily fit into daily life alongside other hair growth products. Furthermore, HairMax provides a one-year money-back guarantee on purchases!

Illumiflow 272

If you’re on a tight budget but looking for a laser hair growth product that won’t break the bank, consider Illumiflow 272. This FDA-cleared and clinically proven device promotes hair regrowth for women and men with pattern baldness alike, using 272 medical-grade laser diodes in its reusable cap – it fits all sizes comfortably while remaining hands-free during sessions that typically last 30 minutes each time.

The IllumiFlow Laser Cap is similar to most hair loss devices in that it stimulates your scalp and promotes healthy hair growth. According to its manufacturer, you should start seeing results after several months of consistent every-other-day use. The Illumiflow Cap can be purchased on Amazon with a five-year guarantee and user-friendly features, making it both accessible and budget-friendly compared to similar offerings on the market. They even provide financing options so that purchasing is hassle-free, not to mention free domestic shipping with every order! Kiierr’s caps may cost slightly more but include more lasers as well as six-month guarantees!