Kristen Bell Hairstyles For Women

1. Blonde Bob

Kristen Bell debuted her new hairstyle on Instagram: a sleek blonde bob. The Good Place star’s new chin-length blonde strands mark an exciting change from her signature medium-length waves, joining other celebrities who have rocked this trendy cut this year. Idina Menzel recently showed off her stunning new short, stylish blond bob on Instagram and looked gorgeous! For an irresistibly seductive style, choose a textured blonde bob. This style gives your locks more character and is formal enough for events. Queer Eye star Jonathan Van Ness also joined in on the trend, posting an image featuring short blond strands with a deep side part on social media and receiving tons of compliments from his followers.

2. Choppy Bob

A choppy bob is an ideal short haircut for women. This hairstyle creates a casual texture, which highlights soft features. With the appropriate hair color, such as a smoky gray hue, choppy bobs can look edgier and create a rebellious vibe in short hairstyles. Kristen Bell’s chin-length blunt, choppy bob was the ideal way to show off her new purple tint and still remain polished. This style can be made more textured with high-contrast highlights or balayage coloring techniques, adding depth and dimension. A touch of wax may also help accentuate various lengths in your choppy bob.

3. Tapered Fringe

Bell’s new choppy fringe is light and wispy compared to her former bangs, perfectly framing her face and creating an eye-catching asymmetrical look, ideal for thin hair. This haircut is easy to style and highly adaptable, perfect for almost any type of blonde hair. Tapered fringes are especially beneficial for guys with broad foreheads, as they help narrow the forehead and lengthen the face structure. To add an eye-catching accent to your hairstyle, consider bleaching your fringe bangs for a contrasting and bold look. This is an excellent way to highlight your personality, especially if you prefer fierce, daring eyes or your locks feature waves. Additionally, Asian locks benefit significantly from this style too.

4. Cornrows

Cornrows are an easy, low-maintenance way to add flair and personality to any look while providing protection. They’re ideal as protective hairstyles and an elegant way to frame the face and highlight eyebrows on round or square-shaped faces. However, it is essential to recognize the history of cornrows as a part of Black culture, both now and throughout history. A recent case in the UK highlights how discrimination against Black people wearing cornrows could occur. An elegant way to achieve this style is by creating cornrows and a bold mohawk with texture. This look pairs well with gold string earrings or fun hair rings, making it perfect for special events. To achieve this style, divide your hair into two sections down the center, create two rows on either side and add edge control gel for extra hold and flyaway control.