The Kris Bryant Haircut

Kris Bryant is an incredible big league baseball star with both baseball skills and star power to match. He’s sponsored by Adidas, Red Bull, and has done magazine shoots for Express. Recently, he signed the most lucrative Topps deal ever seen by the company.

Major League Baseball’s face may be its sluggers, yet not always at center stage.

Messy Faux Hawk

Kris Bryant is well known for his striking hairstyle. One of his signature looks has been sporting the messy spiky faux hawk. This style enhances natural locks while adding depth and dimension to his overall appearance.

This version of the faux hawk is ideal for those not quite ready to commit to a full mohawk yet. Instead of the usual rigid spikes, this version features loose and casual curls for an effortlessly cool grunge aesthetic.

For this look, use light pomade or wax to achieve your desired style. For an enhanced effect, heavier products like pomades can create more defined curls while matte finishes create a sleek and modern appearance.


A classic mullet haircut features short sides with long back hair. It’s perfect for anyone wanting to make a statement with their locks and also works well when combined with fade or temple fade techniques.

To achieve a more contemporary take on the mullet, combine its classic style with a side-swept fringe. Apply leave-in conditioner with heat protection onto damp hair before combing and blow-drying into place for volume and texture on top. Add hair wax for a sleek finish – this look works particularly well with medium stubble or beard growth.


Kanye West’s has received numerous interpretations and criticism due to its ambiguous lyrics and striking imagery. Some see it as a warning against celebrity and the temptations that come with fame, while others praise West for his creativity and resilience.

There are various kinds of fades – low, mid, and high fades – you can choose depending on your personal preference and desired look. Regular maintenance is necessary to keep the fade looking sharp and clean, so it’s recommended to schedule regular visits to your stylist for haircuts.


A baseball player’s style features an undone, yet full and thick hairdo that flatters their facial features and keeps their forehead from appearing flattened. This hairdo works particularly well for those with thin locks because it adds volume by thickening up their texture and making their locks appear fuller.

This haircut involves keeping thick strands on top styled using a brush back, then tapering off on either side with tapered sides for a smooth and uniform appearance. A skin fade in the back creates aesthetic uniformity.

Victor Fontanez, better known as Vic Blends on TikTok, found camaraderie at a neighborhood barbershop as a child.