Dragon Ball Characters – Krillin With Hair

Why is Krillin Bald?

Krillin, despite being short and lacking a nose, possesses excellent muscularity. He has faced significant villains, including Raditz. In a recent time jump, fans saw he is married and has a full head of hair.

Krillin’s Strength

Krillin is a capable fighter with intelligent fighting techniques. While not as powerful as Goku or Vegeta, he can defeat Frieza’s henchmen and is skilled in grappling. He is also quick and uses Ki blasts effectively.

Krillin’s Insecurities

Krillin feels inadequate due to his physical differences from Goku and other Saiyans. He relies on cunning and trickery in battles. He once upset Goku by throwing a rock at him while sleeping.

Krillin’s Marriage

Krillin’s marriage to Android 18 may seem odd, but she admires his training efforts. They have a child named Marron, and Krillin finds contentment in retirement from martial arts. His family brings him joy and love.