How to Style Kinda Short Hair

Short hairstyles, especially kind short hairstyles, have gained popularity among modern women. The reason behind this growing trend is quite simple – short hair is considered more professional in the workplace and can boost confidence, as suggested by career coaches. To achieve this look, consult your stylist and ask for a nape-hugging bob or pixie haircut that retains length around your face. Add soft texture by using dry texturizing techniques as needed.

Sleek Pixie Cut: Effortlessly Chic and Minimal

Consider a sleek pixie cut for an effortless yet chic and minimal look that will draw attention to your face. This style is easy to maintain and comfortable to wear throughout the day. Pixie cuts offer versatility, allowing you to experiment with different textures, such as frosted choppy bangs or shaggy hairstyles. You can also try bold colors like Zoe Kravitz’s midnight blue shade. Play with proportions and styles to create a unique look that sets you apart. An edgy rocker pixie can look stunning when adorned with bold colors or side shaves for contrast.

Wet Look: A Stylish Choice for Curly or Textured Hair

The wet look always remains in fashion and is a great styling choice for curly or textured hair. By applying some mousse or pomade, you can give your locks a sleek and wet appearance that remains shiny all day long. Achieving the effortless wet look is as simple as washing and blot-drying your hair with a towel. Then, apply a small amount of gel using your fingertips to distribute it through your strands. For a longer-lasting wet look, use hairspray to set each section. The wet watch can be worn casually or for formal events, making it a versatile option.

A-Line Bob: Face-Framing and Flattering

An A-line bob stands out from other bob haircuts by extending more in the back and gradually shorter towards the face. This creates a face-framing bob that works well with most face shapes and hair textures. Straight, wavy, or curly locks all suit this style beautifully. Gabrielle Union’s stacked A-line bob is perfect for women with heart-shaped faces or those looking to soften their full jawlines. The bob features plenty of texture and natural highlights, creating an eye-catching and feminine aesthetic. Christina Hendricks’ shaggy A-line bob is another great option for showing off gorgeous curls while maintaining a stylish appearance. This style is ideal for women with fine or thin hair who prefer a chin-length to collarbone-length cut.

Bob with Curls: Effortlessly Seductive

Soft curls are the key to achieving an effortlessly seductive look. Showcase your natural texture with a short curly bob accentuating your wavy locks, creating an elegant and chic appearance. Let cascading curls mesmerize others as you enhance their softness using a wide-tooth comb and lightweight hair product. If you have blonde locks, consider adding warmth to your look by incorporating different tones of brown hues, particularly an attractive chocolate shade.

Bob with Bangs: Elegant and Edgy

For those seeking an elegant yet edgy hairstyle, a bob with bangs is worth considering. Choppy layers add volume and energy to the style, while the charges can be styled sideways or worn as curtain bangs, reminiscent of ’70s fashion. This beautiful pink chin-length bob is ideal for round faces, as the angled, side-swept bangs beautifully frame the face, enhancing its contours.

Soft Feathered Bob: Light and Airy

Feathering is an excellent technique for adding lightness and airiness to thicker locks. With its face-framing layers, this stacked feathered cut looks chic and sophisticated while creating dimension within the hair. A classic and feminine pixie feather cut is easy to maintain and beautifully frames the face, complementing all skin tones. Try styling it with a shiny ash-blonde shade for an edgy yet elegant look. By incorporating feathering into an otherwise simple layered bob, you can add a trendy and cute touch, giving off subtle ethnic vibes.

Asymmetrical Pixie Cut: Adding Volume and Dimension

Asymmetrical pixie cuts are particularly suitable for women with thin hair as they provide volume while keeping the locks looking full and beautiful. This cut also offers opportunities for experimenting with color, which can add a sense of dimension and freshness to a one-toned blonde shade. Asymmetrical haircuts are bold and daring, making them ideal for anyone looking to express themselves creatively. Moreover, these trendy cuts can be tailored to suit any facial structure, giving your style an eye-catching edge. Consider trying a blonde asymmetrical pixie cut for a summery vibe.