Kids Haircuts For Boys

Kids’ haircuts can be challenging, especially for toddlers who may be protective of their personal space. To make the experience more pleasant, consider visiting a salon specializing in children’s hair. They know how to distract squirmy toddlers and make the haircutting process easier.


The Caesar haircut is an elegant style for boys with medium hair length. It features a classic layered top, shorter sides, and a high skin fade. This haircut also includes a tiny fringe, which should be kept slightly longer than the rest for a stylish look suitable for school settings. The Caesar cut can be customized to different hair textures and worn with or without facial hair.


For kids with naturally curly locks, a playful, messy style can be achieved by letting the curls loose. It’s simple to maintain and gives off a casual skater vibe. Adding some curl cream or gel can enhance volume and texture. This style suits boys who want a slightly more structured, messy look with tapered sides and a longer front length.


Spiked-up hairstyles are great for kids who enjoy outdoor activities or hanging out with friends. For boys with a natural wavy texture, you can create orderly uniform spikes or go for a more unruly approach. Using hairspray will help maintain the look throughout the day. This style can also be paired with a fade or colored hair for a unique and fun appearance.

Burst Fade

A burst fade style, with a fade on top and a line-up at the front, adds definition and draws attention to a boy’s features. This low-maintenance style suits school environments and can be enhanced with matte clay hair products. It works well on boys with natural curls or straight hair.

Textured Quiff

A textured quiff is stylish for kids with thick and wavy hair. It creates a casual yet put-together look that can hide messy or unkempt locks. Adding texture with matte or water-based clay will maintain the style throughout the day. This hairstyle also works for medium to thick wavy hair, adding volume and contrast with shaved sides.

French Crop

The classic French crop with a taper fade is a timeless, sophisticated option for children. It is easy to maintain and lasts up to 4-6 weeks without looking unruly or adding too much volume. This style works well for boys with curly hair.