100+ Beautiful Kids Haircuts for your Kids

You’ll know it’s time for a kids haircut when the Hair is sticking out of your child’s eyes, ear, or neck, or when they have whispy flyaway hairs on their sides. To help your child stay calm and comfortable, bring your older child or sibling along. You may also want to bring your child’s favorite book or toy.

Long Island City salon

In Long Island City, you can find a kids salon that offers the kind of old-school vibe parents love. The place features a separate room with a train and a car for the kids, as well as regular styling cHairs. There are also toys and games that kids can play, as well as a television and a soda machine. The place also offers special services for kids and moms, including a hot towel shave. It also accepts contactless payment.

If you’re looking for a kids-friendly hair salon in Long Island City, there are several places that can help you find the right one for your child. First of all, try Eda’s Haircuts, a neighborhood favorite that offers haircuts for kids and adults. The staff is friendly and will take the time necessary to cut the hair of little kids. Moreover, you can make an appointment online.

Another place where you can find a kids-friendly Haircut is Sharkey’s Haircuts. This chain has many locations across the country, and it caters to all kinds of kids. There are even kid-friendly barber cHairs with televisions and PlayStations for the kids to keep entertained during the process. Moreover, the staff can give kids funky hair colors and trendy ‘dos.

Moreover, the salon also provides birthday parties for kids, so they can enjoy a fun and exciting experience. They also have a toy boutique stocked with Alex toys, Melissa & Doug toys, and Schylling Toys. The salon also offers hair products and haircare services. Prices range from $27 for a basic Haircut to $45.

Lil’ Locks

Lil’ Locks is a kid-friendly salon that offers affordable haircuts and styles. These stylists specialize in children’s cuts, and they offer an environment that’s friendly and welcoming to little ones. Toys and games are available to keep your children entertained while getting a haircut.

This kids-friendly salon offers a variety of amenities for little ones, such as movies, a chalkboard wall, and lollipops. They even have classes for kids! Walk-ins aren’t welcome here, but you can call ahead to schedule an appointment. The salon does not accept walk-ins, so be sure to make an appointment ahead of time.


Snip-Its for Kids haircuts feature life-sized characters, music, games, and prizes. Whether your child is a fan of cartoons, sports, or even celebrities, they’ll love getting a haircut at one of these salons.

Snip-its salons feature specially trained stylists who specialize in children’s haircuts. Snip-its stylists can even help with hairstyles for kids with sensory issues or piercing. In addition to offering a kid-friendly salon experience, Snip-its stylists also offer online check-in and offer their own line of hair products, including lice prevention products.

Snip-its has become a popular destination for kids. The locations are decorated in fun colors, and the staff wears friendly smiles all day long. These children-oriented salons are also a lot more fun than going to a normal salon.

Getting a haircut for a kid can be a tedious task. Many parents are worried about their children getting bored during the process, but Snip-its makes it fun for both parents and kids! The kids’ salons offer lots of fun activities and kid-focused stylists, making the entire experience fun and memorable for both.

Steve 3000

Barbershop Steve 3000 was established in 1992 and specializes in haircuts for kids and adults. There are six fun stations for kids to enjoy while their hair is cut. They can also play video games and watch cartoons on the televisions. There are also cool T-shirts and toys for purchase. This salon can be a fun outing for the entire family, whether you’re looking for a quick trim or a full-fledged restyle.

With over 20 years of experience, Steve 3000 Haircuts is a top specialty hair salon for kids in Whitestone, NY. They offer cutting services for children of all ages and can even do sibling cuts and haircuts for adults. In addition, the kids’ haircuts at this Whitestone, NY salon are up-to-date.

Trendy and Affordable Kids Haircuts

If you’re looking for a trendy and affordable kids haircut, you have a few choices. You can check out Cozy’s Cuts for Kids, Rockin’ Locks Salon for Kids, and Snip-its. There are also salons that cater to children’s particular hair types and personalities.

Cozy’s Cuts for Kids

Cozy’s Cuts for Kids is a fun and creative place for kids to get their hair cut. The salon has a friendly atmosphere and will ease your child’s fears about getting a haircut. Other services at the salon include a braid bar and mini manicures. You can even take your child for a birthday party at the salon.

The company has been around for over 20 years and is committed to keeping kids happy and healthy. The kids’ hair-care experts at Cozy’s have knowledge of the latest trends and styles in children’s hair. They also offer special styling chairs and toys for the kids, including video games, bubbles, and unlimited lollies. You can find Cozy’s Cuts for Kids in the Upper West Side and Upper East Side.

A new line of products has just been launched by the brand. Cozy’s Cuts for Kids has a three-in-one shampoo and conditioner that helps to maintain healthy, vibrant hair. There are also styling creams and soft-hold gels for kids’ hair. Parents can use these products to create their child’s perfect look.

Rockin’ Locks Salon for Kids

Rockin’ Locks Salon for Kids is a great place for kids to get a haircut. The salon offers a variety of fun and interactive services for kids. For instance, kids can enjoy playing with bubbles, candies, and cookies. They can also get their hair cut while watching a movie or playing with a toy.

The kid-friendly atmosphere of this Astoria salon makes it an ideal place for little ones to get a trim. Kids are welcome to sit in the kid-size chairs or even in the kiddie corner. Rockin’ Locks is not open every day, so you can make an appointment before your child goes in for a haircut.

The salon is sea-themed and offers plenty of space for kids to run around. In addition to haircuts, there are also storytimes and sing-alongs for younger kids. The salon also features a book store, which means your kids can read while waiting for their haircuts.

Rockin’ Locks Salon for Kids offers fun and affordable haircuts. It’s part of a franchise that offers a variety of hair services. Kids can get haircuts, manicures, and shaves. The salon also welcomes kids with special needs.

This hair salon specializes in cutting curly hair and has a fun environment for kids. There are also a variety of toys and DVDs for children. Parents can relax knowing their kids are in good hands. The salon offers a guarantee for their first haircuts and provides a certificate and lock of hair.

Parents can make appointments online or call Rockin’ Locks Salon for Kids for an affordable kids haircut. This Brooklyn-based salon also offers a variety of special offers. A basic haircut can cost less than $30 and the salon can even accommodate appointments online. Aside from the basic haircuts, the rockin’ lock kids hair salon also has a lot of other unique offers.

Rockin’ Locks Salon for Kids offers a wide variety of fun styling options for kids. Its kids hair salons also offer color-changing temporary hair extensions. Some locations even double as spas. The staff are knowledgeable about cutting and styling kids, and it’s a great place for parents to take their children.

Before a kid gets their first haircut, parents should take the time to prepare the child and explain the experience. A child’s first haircut can be both exciting and stressful, so it’s important to choose a salon that is child-friendly. A child can scream and fuss during a haircut, so the stylist should take extra care to ensure the process is fun for the whole family.

Some child-friendly hair salons specialize in kids haircuts, while others focus exclusively on adult haircuts. Family-friendly salons offer a family-friendly environment for children, and many even offer a movie or sweets to keep them entertained.


Snip-its for kids haircut salons feature life-size characters, music, games, and prizes. Children love the fun environment of a salon, which also offers a variety of other services. This franchise offers hair cuts for kids of all ages. This family-friendly salon has been operating since 2003.

A Snip-its for kids salon has specially trained stylists who work their magic. In addition to offering hair styles for kids, the salons have Adventure Play Stations, which offer custom computer games and activities that feature Snips. Each station features a toddler-safe safety strap and a parent’s chair. Snip-its for kids also offers Adventure Club cards, which encourage kids to earn special prizes.

Snip-its has salons across the country. In addition to offering quality kid’s haircuts, the salon also offers a wide variety of hair care products. They offer 100% vegan Original Sprout and Moroccanoil products. The salons also provide hair piercing and other services for children with sensory needs.

Snip-its stylists are specially trained to work with kids, making the entire experience fun. Snip-its uses Snips and The Gang hair care products and offers kid-friendly spa and party services. The company is dedicated to helping children with special needs achieve the perfect hairstyle.

Snip-its is a convenient option for last-minute hair cuts. Featuring up to four stylists at a time, Snip-its kids’ hair salons are an excellent choice for busy parents. Children can play in the waiting room or visit the mall right next door.

Snip-its staff members are friendly, knowledgeable, and professional. Most of the staff enjoys working with children and greets customers with a smile. In addition to their experience, they are fully trained and can deliver the same high-quality service as adults. The salons can even hold birthday parties.