Types of Kami Wigs

Ready-Made and Custom Hair Systems

Customers can choose between ready-made or custom hair systems when shopping for a Kami Wig.

Variety of Base Materials

Kami Wigs offer various lace and monofilament base materials for selection.

Polyurethane Wigs

Polyurethane (“poly”) wigs blend seamlessly with the client’s skin tone. However, these wigs don’t breathe as well as mesh or monofilament units.

Human Hair Wigs

Lewis provides high-quality human hair extensions with intact cuticles for softness. They offer a wide selection, multilingual customer support, and a seven-day return/exchange policy.

Human Hair Kami Wig with Bangs

With bangs, this human-hair Kami wig features face-framing layers and a lace front simulation scalp construction. It can be styled with heat and comes in multiple colors.

Monofilament Human Hair Wig

This monofilament human hair wig is perfect for shorter haircuts. It has a lace front and a monofilament top for natural-looking styles. It can be styled in multiple ways and is heat-friendly.

Synthetic Wigs

Synthetic hair wigs require minimal upkeep and have higher resistance against heat damage than human hair wigs.

Kami Wig for All Hair Length Preferences

This Kami wig comes in multiple color choices and is suitable for any hair length preference. It has an easy lace front and a natural-looking appearance.

Monofilament Wig with Natural Scalp Growth

This monofilament wig gives the impression of natural scalp growth. It is hand-tied for a convincing appearance and has a soft mesh cap for comfort.

Polyurethane (“Poly”) Wigs

Polyurethane wigs replicate human skin in appearance and have hair injected directly into the material. They provide an attractive and natural look.

Lace Front Kami Wigs

Lace front Kami wigs have a lace mesh panel on the front for an authentic appearance. They are available in human hair or synthetic options, making changing your look easy.

Care Tips for Wearing Wigs

Proper care, including deep conditioning and scalp exfoliation, is essential when wearing a wig to maintain the health of your natural hair. Over-styling can lead to damage.