BTS Member Jungkook Hairstyles

Jungkook’s Stunning Hair

Jungkook is famous for his stunning hair. Regardless of length or style, he always stands out as an attractive BTS member.

The “Chill Mullet”

Jungkook created his own style of mullet, known as the “chill mullet.” This unique hairstyle adds to his overall appeal.

Dyed hair for Special Events

For special events, Jungkook has dyed his hair in various colors. He went blonde for the iHeartRadio Jingle Ball and red for the 2021 album, Map of the Soul: 7.

Remarkable Blue Locks

Recently, Jungkook surprised fans with his latest look – a mirror selfie showing off his blue locks. It’s a remarkable change that showcases his daring style.

Wavy Locks

With his wavy locks, Jungkook sports casual yet dapper hairstyles. He always looks fantastic whether he keeps his locks long or short or dyes them.

The Trendy Wolf Cut Mullet

Singer Adele has been making headlines with her wolf-cut mullet, a modern take on a 1970s hairstyle. BTS member Jin has also embraced this trend and looks equally stylish.

Perfect for Formal Events

The wolf-cut mullet is perfect for formal events or interviews. It has softer lines than a typical bob and adds youthful vibes. Adding teal highlights can bring some color to the style.

Straight hair Experiment

Jungkook is never afraid to experiment with his hair color choices. Recently, he debuted a unique look with long, straight hair parted on both sides, a departure from his usual wavy style.

BTS Member Jin’s Wolf Cut

Jin’s wolf-cut hairstyle has become an instant hit with ARMY. It’s low maintenance and complements most face shapes. Perming can add volume and texture to the look.

Long, Exciting Locks

While Jungkook recently cut his long locks due to maintenance difficulties, he promised they would grow back. K-pop star Jung Yoon Jin also rocks a trendy mullet hairstyle, making waves in celebrity circles.

Stylish Short Man Bun

Jungkook’s short man bun is an effortless style that is easy to maintain. It looks great when paired with a beard or mustache.

Jungkook’s Red-Dyed Locks

Jungkook’s red-dyed locks have captivated fans. This color complemented his brown complexion and was featured in the music video and concept photos for their second English single, “Butter.”