Game of Thrones Hairstyles

1. Clean-Shaven

Although other actors like Joe Keery sport long locks that resemble an animal’s mane, Harrington prefers keeping his locks under control. George R. R. Martin may have made this artistic decision deliberately as Lyanna Stark had dark locks while Rhaegar Targaryen possessed silver locks – both qualities would likely have played into their decision for Jon to have dark hair and eyes as part of a Targaryen lineage.

2. Long

Jon Snow may know little, but his hair definitely speaks volumes. Kit Harington’s luxurious black locks have quickly become one of the most iconic aspects of Game Of Thrones and perfectly give Jon a rugged appearance that is sure to please. Long locks also serve to illustrate Jon Snow’s heritage; his mother Lyanna Stark did not possess the silver hair associated with Targaryen bloodlines due to their recessive gene; these children born of Targaryens and someone from another house take on features from both parents.

3. Bed-Head

Jon Snow has become known for the iconic look he sported while both fighting in battles and lazing around, yet even after death his hair is still impressively styled in that signature fashion. Long strands seem to flow behind him like a mane, framing his soft features and emphasizing those dark eyes of his. Additionally, this helps draw attention to his face and lengthen those softer lines for maximum Jon Snow effect – definitely peak Jon Snow status!

4. Curly

There’s nothing more recognizable about Jon Snow than his legendary locks, which have received widespread media coverage and inspired men around the world to emulate their style. Jon Snow may have deliberately given himself dark locks, yet their appearance stands in stark contrast with Targaryen genetics. People looking to emulate Jon Snow’s look can achieve it using texturizing products and diffusers, with or without perming for added softness if their natural hair is straight.

5. Messy

Jon’s hairstyle during season 4’s battle of the Wall perfectly encapsulated his unpredictability and that life hasn’t always been easy for him. Jon Snow dark hair seems designed to keep his heritage a secret and prevent viewers from concluding he belongs to a royal house. Kit Harington has expressed many times his desire to cut his hair, however producers may have him bound into an agreement which prevents this.